July 4th Antidote: The Amazing Writing of the Declaration of Independence

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Those of us who write for a living, whether it’s writing marketing copy and business communications as I do, slaving over  a book, penning poetry or even blogging, understand how painful some days, some tasks can be. 

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson began writing The Declaration of Independence on June 11, 1776, worked through the committee’s revisions and had a final document to present to the Continental Congress on June 28? Three days later, on July 2, the Congress voted for America’s Independence. Then the document was tweaked by the Congress before presenting to the public on July 4, 1776.

 25 days. That was all it took to write one of America’s most important documents. And the revisions! The thought that the 56 members, all opinionated men of learning, were able to agree on the final wording in just two days is remarkable.

 One of my favorite anecdote about this point in history…

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