Sir Richard Branson: Blaming all Muslims


Calling Isis a “gang of murderous thugs pretending to act in the name of faith”, Sir Richard advocated looking at the causes of extremist violent movements.

Sir Richard Branson: Blaming all Muslims for Paris attacks like ‘blaming all Americans for past actions of Ku Klux Klan’ | People | News | The Independent

Here’s why what Sir Branson said is idiotic:  ISIS is NOT a “gang of murderous thugs pretending to act in the name of faith.”  They ARE acting in the name of their faith!  The majority of Muslims you meet are not!  Ask any Islamic cleric and they will tell you, if they’re not practicing the law of lying to non-Muslims, (taqiyya and kitman) that Islamic law says to kill infidels. 

The KKK, on the other hand, were NOT in compliance with American Law.  They actually WERE a radical extremist group, acting outside the bounds of the American Constitution or any Christian religion they may have claimed to belong to. 

The KKK were breaking laws, and dare I say it, sinning.  Neither American Law nor Christianity advocate killing others if they disagree with you.

ISIS, on the other hand, are being true and compliant to their Islamic faith and laws.

THAT is the difference and why what Sir Richard said is idiotic.

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Religious children are meaner than their secular counterparts, study finds


Almost 1,200 children, aged between five and 12, in the US, Canada, China, Jordan, Turkey and South Africa, participated in the study. Almost 24% were Christian, 43% Muslim, and 27.6% non-religious. The numbers of Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, agnostic and other children were too small to be statistically valid.

Religious children are meaner than their secular counterparts, study finds

Let me get this straight – half the kids were Muslim, and there were twice as many Muslim kids as Christian kids, but you’re going to tell me it was the Christian kids who were bad? 

And you’re forgetting that Christianity and Islam are direct opposites and have nothing in common, right?  They have contrary moral imperatives – you remembered that, right?

Muslims kill Christians.  You knew that.  Right?

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A tale of two Ben Carsons –


But nine friends, classmates and neighbors who grew up with Carson told CNN they have no memory of the anger or violence the candidate has described.
That person is unrecognizable to those whom CNN interviewed, who knew him during those formative years.  
All of the people interviewed expressed surprise about the incidents Carson has described. No one challenged the stories directly. Some of those interviewed expressed skepticism, but noted that they could not know what had happened behind closed doors.

A tale of two Ben Carsons –

So let me get this straight, CNNPolitics … You can’t find “evidence” that Ben Carson struggled with anger issues as a young man, so that makes him an unworthy candidate somehow?  In other words, “He was better and nicer than he said, so that’s bad!”  You’re really trying to write a hit piece based on that?!

Seriously?  Are you people really that dense or is it just that you think I am?  Do you even hear yourselves anymore?

Sure wish you’d looked as hard for evidence about Obama when he was campaigning. 

*shaking my head in disgust*

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“There is absolutely no evidence that Trump is currently, or has ever been a Republican”—Brad Thor

Because the messenger, Trump, has NO integrity or consistency, his message becomes void and irrelevant. He is obviously just saying what he thinks people want to hear – he is not invested in the values he claims to support. This is just a popularity contest for him, not a commitment to conservative values.

Please find a candidate who has been consistent with what s/he purports to believe!


“There is absolutely no evidence that Trump is currently, or has ever been a Republican”—Brad Thor:


GOP Debate?

August 7, 2015, the day after the GOP debate, this was an image from my Delicious daily newsletter. 

Forgive me, but why is an image from the 2008 Vice-presidential debate between Biden (a Dem) and Sarah Palin (a Republican), who are not even part of the current GOP debate, used for an article about a debate between all Republican contenders for the 2016 race?

How many potential Republican candidates?  And you put up an 8 year old picture of a Democrat?

Is that the best you could do, Media?  Seriously?  So not smart.  *eyeroll* 


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I took a screen capture, just to make sure it was actually from the article and not just the newsletter.



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