(Oh Irony!  LOLOL)

“Here’s Barack Obama complaining about the fake news on Fox News in an interview at Rolling Stone, which is gonna probably lose $7.5 million in a civil suit for making up a story about rape that never happened at the University of Virginia.” –Rush

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Why is that so hard to understand?…

Why is that so hard to understand?…:


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Got this from a “Bernie for President” page. Even they note the hypocrisy…

Got this from a “Bernie for President” page. Even they note the hypocrisy…:


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Yes, it’s as simple as this…

Yes, it’s as simple as this…:


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The deadly AR-15, high-capacity, assault…knife?…

Do you really want to talk about fake news?!

The deadly AR-15, high-capacity, assault…knife?…:


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