If you voted Democrat, here’s another example of the lunatic Left-wing violence you just supported

If you voted Democrat, here’s another example of the lunatic Left-wing violence you just supported:

become-ungovernable.jpg (Natural News) In the age of POTUS Donald Trump, the Democratic Party is fast becoming the American Communist Party as it is taken over by the extreme Left. One by one notable conservatives, Republicans, and supporters of the president are being targeted by anarchist mobs who don’t so much align with the Democrats per se…

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Suspiciously Hoaxy

When I was young, I remember hearing stories of how the pro-abortion people were blowing up their own clinics as a way to make pro-life people look bad.  The presumption was that surely they’d not blow up their own clinics, it must have been the pro-life people therefore pro-life people were bad.

We know now that many hoaxes have been perpetrated – people spray-painting hateful names on their own homes, carving rude names into their own flesh, hanging nooses around their own college – all as a means to “prove” how awful they believe conservatives to be.   Of course, they can’t find any real conservatives doing such things so they have to do it themselves. 

Clearly irony is lost on them.

I don’t really believe today’s spate of “suspicious devices” found at the homes of well-known liberals (Obama, Clinton, Soros, and possibly others) are any different than a hoax designed to make conservatives look bad, right before the midterm elections.  Yeah, suspicious. 

These people aren’t even home – they’re out on the liberal election tour so a bomb would not get the supposed intended target.  Plus, much too easily found and averted so again, would not get the supposed intended target. 

It simply doesn’t work.  If it were real, let’s say, and a bomb did go off and harm or kill someone, it would only bring sympathy to their cause and not our own.  And that’s not what we want, not to mention, we’re just not the law-breaking type.  We are the keepers of the rules, and more than anything, we’d much rather see these people in prison than dead. 

Frankly, I think Obama would look spectacular in orange.  Hillary, too!

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Misrepresenting Statistics

This graphic popped up in my Twitter feed a while back.  The “shock and grab” headline really annoyed me.  It makes it sound like all these rapes are committed and nothing gets done about it because, I don’t know, reasons. 

I look at these numbers and what goes through my mind is that unless and until these rapes are convictions, they are alleged.  Period. 

Right out of the gate, 690 aren’t even reported, apparently, so obviously even the alleged victims didn’t make the effort to report the incidents so how can you even claim these rapes occurred?  Hearsay?  If that’s all it takes, then Jeff Bezos owes me about 50B.  Because I said so, that’s why.  What?  That’s all “survivors” need, right?  This whole “thousand” number looks made up.  No reports, no evidence, nothing. 

Of the 310 that are reported, 57 of those lead to arrest.  So, that means the cops have investigated, and found 253 lacking enough evidence to arrest.  There simply wasn’t enough there to facilitate an arrest, including identifying information about the alleged perpetrator.  Such a case occurred in my complex just last year.  But at least they were reported so if more evidence turns up in the future, there is a greater chance of a trial.

Of those 57, prosecutors decided not prosecute 46 of them.  This is generally because they, or a grand jury, didn’t feel there was enough evidence to convict. 

Of the 11 remaining that went to trial, 6 were convicted and incarcerated. 

Do you know what this means?  It means that over half of all rape trials lead to incarcerations.  MORE THAN HALF.  If your rape case goes to trial, you have better than a 50/50 chance of winning! 

Do unreported rapes happen?  Of course they do.  But you can’t just go in and destroy someone’s life without evidence.  That makes you no better than the alleged rapist you claim to be against.  Better a guilty man go free than an innocent man get convicted, is how our justice system was supposed to work. 

It’s also true that people lie.  Many even lie about being raped.

If you’ve been raped, you need to report it.  It is absolutely true there will be no future conviction of your perpetrator at all if you don’t. 


Michelle Malkin: The TRUTH About FALSE Rape Allegations

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Anyone else suspecting an appearance in the near future of either Gloria Allred or her daughter, Lisa Bloom? 

I mean, it’s so typical and predictable now you can almost set your watch by it.

Feinstein’s shameful Kavanaugh Hail Mary pass

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Is it over yet?

I think the article at the link expresses a sentiment more common than is truly known.  ~Vanessa

Is it over yet?: John McCain’s true legacy.

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Yes, an autocrat is easy to spot

Easy to spot if you’re not blinded by sycophantism.  ~Vanessa

Yes, an autocrat is easy to spot: E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post is blathering on about President Trump being some kind of tyrant. Speaking of tyrants…

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What would the intelligence community’s ‘insurance policy’ against Trump look like? | TheHill

Oh yeah.  You definitely want to read this one!  ~Vanessa

What would the intelligence community’s ‘insurance policy’ against Trump look like? | TheHill: What if powerful, connected people in the intelligence community and in politics worried that a Trump presidency might expose them?

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