“I knew who Obama was when I listened to tapes of him talking to his buddies in 2002, 2005, 2006. I knew what he thought of this country: Unjust, immoral, should not have existed, not a legitimate superpower, there’s no such thing as American exceptionalism. That, folks, is not just the average, ordinary serving up of liberalism that we debate every day.” -Rush


“Marco Rubio is essentially saying, ‘Hey, look, once we secure the border, I’m sure the American people will respond in a responsible way.’ The translation for that is: ‘We’re not gonna send ’em home. We’re gonna find a way to keep them here.'” -Rush

Hey Republicans!



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“Liberalism does not improve the lives of the majority. It improves the lives of the elites. It improves the lives of the chosen, the selected few who are acknowledged to be at the upper strata of society. It is they who are taken care of; everybody else experiences worsened and declining existences.” -Rush


“You look at Ted Cruz, you look at Marco Rubio, and you look at Dr. Ben Carson. You have two Hispanics and an African-American getting 60% of the Republican caucus votes. Over on the Democrat side, two bedraggled, worn-out old white people were the choice. And we sit here, we continue to have to listen to all this garbage that the Republican Party is where you find a lack of diversity and closed-minded bigotry.” -Rush


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