A friend of mine emailed a joke to me, and I just had to post it here.  :lol:

A brain surgeon told a patient “you have a growing mass in your brain, it needs to be tended to immediately or it will kill you”

The patient agreed to surgery the very next day.

Immediately after opening the skull the surgeon took a biopsy of the ugly growing mass and gave it to the surgical nurse with instructions to rush it to the lab and have it analyzed.

After a few minutes the nurse returned with the results and stood silently and grimly in front of the surgeon…. The surgeon finally asked….”WELL IS IT MALIGNANT?”

The nurse replied…” I’m afraid it’s worse” …” WORSE”, the surgeon barked, “WHAT CAN BE WORSE THAN MALIGNANT?”

The nurse bowed her head and replied solemnly, “it’s Liberal Progressive”…!!!


Have a happy weekend!

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Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas!

May the joy of the day, the reason we celebrate, the Messiah, fill your heart and home with peace and blessings.

With Love,

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a most blessed,

and bountiful,


With Love,

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Veteran’s Day

It feels wrong to say, “Happy Veteran’s Day.”  These are men and women who have often seen combat.  Calling this day “happy” just has a weird flavor to it, to me.  I am thankful for Veteran’s Day, for the chance to express my gratitude to the people who have served in our military.  I want to honor them, to show respect and admiration. 

So I say


Have a meaningful

and blessed

Veteran’s Day. 

Thank you.

For all you have done.



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