The casual, if not cavalier, attitude of so many about all of the lies and deceptions reminds me Alfred E. Neuman, the fictional character who famously said: What-Me-Worry? It’s not a coincidence that Alfred was the mascot for Mad Magazine. It’s a mad society when people don’t take the time to think for themselves and instead swallow the propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

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“If a trip to the emergency room would have documented in Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, big deal! They’ve already announced that. Yet they didn’t go to the ER when she collapsed. They didn’t go to the ER because they don’t trust the doctors there. Somebody in there, they think, would talk. Talk about what? If all she’s got is pneumonia, what do they have to talk about? So there’s clearly more than pneumonia.” -Rush

Obama’s Maneuver to Hijack November Elections

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Because Donald Trump who in spite of efforts by NeverTrumpers, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and media collaborators, maintains the momentum to win the 2016 presidential election, Obama has conjured up a scheme to thwart the outcome of the November elections and future elections in the United States.

{The rationale is that the United States does not want foreign entities influencing our elections.  Will follow up on this point in a later post.)

Obama Hillary DHS hijacking November elections

In order to do so, Obama, like most despots, must convince the voters that he, the anointed one, is not actually commandeering the electoral process but preventing the evil Russians from rigging the election in favor of Donald Trump.

This is where Obama’s Homeland Security comes in and although DHS is “not aware of any specific or credible cybersecurity threats relating to the upcoming general election systems,” under the guise of we’re from the government and we’re here…

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Feet of clay: The official errors that exaggerated global warming

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Part I: How the central estimate of global warming was exaggerated

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

In this new series, I propose to explore the sequence of errors, large and small, through which the climatological establishment has – until now – gotten away with greatly exaggerating climate sensitivity.

The errors have an unholy, cumulative effect, conspiring to bring about an exaggeration that is grievous.

The focus in this series will be on describing each error clearly, so that the commenters who have so vigorously had their say on my earlier descriptions of the current method of determining climate sensitivity can examine them and say whether they think the climatological establishment has come to the right conclusion.

I shall do my best to make it clear when I am describing the official position and when I am describing a proposed alternative view.

By all means criticize me if you think I…

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Public Service

A very good read.

David Harsanyi: Sorry, Liberals, ‘Public Service’ Is Not A Sacrifice – Liberal Logic 101

John F. Kennedy’s silly “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” has been religiously repeated by politicians my entire life, including at the recent Democratic National Convention. But Americans are free to demand all kinds of things of their country — that it uphold the law or put up a new stop sign, for instance — without any obligation to do public service or volunteer to help save the sage grouse. They certainly have no duty to ask politicians, “Hey, what can I do for you?”

Glorifying the public sector — a practice found nowhere in the Founding documents — has transformed mere work into the great sacrifice of “public service.”

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