“There is absolutely no evidence that Trump is currently, or has ever been a Republican”—Brad Thor

Because the messenger, Trump, has NO integrity or consistency, his message becomes void and irrelevant. He is obviously just saying what he thinks people want to hear – he is not invested in the values he claims to support. This is just a popularity contest for him, not a commitment to conservative values.

Please find a candidate who has been consistent with what s/he purports to believe!


“There is absolutely no evidence that Trump is currently, or has ever been a Republican”—Brad Thor:


GOP Debate?

August 7, 2015, the day after the GOP debate, this was an image from my Delicious daily newsletter. 

Forgive me, but why is an image from the 2008 Vice-presidential debate between Biden (a Dem) and Sarah Palin (a Republican), who are not even part of the current GOP debate, used for an article about a debate between all Republican contenders for the 2016 race?

How many potential Republican candidates?  And you put up an 8 year old picture of a Democrat?

Is that the best you could do, Media?  Seriously?  So not smart.  *eyeroll* 


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I took a screen capture, just to make sure it was actually from the article and not just the newsletter.




A friend of mine emailed a joke to me, and I just had to post it here.  :lol:

A brain surgeon told a patient “you have a growing mass in your brain, it needs to be tended to immediately or it will kill you”

The patient agreed to surgery the very next day.

Immediately after opening the skull the surgeon took a biopsy of the ugly growing mass and gave it to the surgical nurse with instructions to rush it to the lab and have it analyzed.

After a few minutes the nurse returned with the results and stood silently and grimly in front of the surgeon…. The surgeon finally asked….”WELL IS IT MALIGNANT?”

The nurse replied…” I’m afraid it’s worse” …” WORSE”, the surgeon barked, “WHAT CAN BE WORSE THAN MALIGNANT?”

The nurse bowed her head and replied solemnly, “it’s Liberal Progressive”…!!!


Have a happy weekend!

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Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas!

May the joy of the day, the reason we celebrate, the Messiah, fill your heart and home with peace and blessings.

With Love,

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