“Liberalism does not improve the lives of the majority. It improves the lives of the elites. It improves the lives of the chosen, the selected few who are acknowledged to be at the upper strata of society. It is they who are taken care of; everybody else experiences worsened and declining existences.” -Rush


“You look at Ted Cruz, you look at Marco Rubio, and you look at Dr. Ben Carson. You have two Hispanics and an African-American getting 60% of the Republican caucus votes. Over on the Democrat side, two bedraggled, worn-out old white people were the choice. And we sit here, we continue to have to listen to all this garbage that the Republican Party is where you find a lack of diversity and closed-minded bigotry.” -Rush


“The people on the left, they don’t want to reach common ground with us. We are gnats to them, or worse. We are the Gestapo to them. We’re Nazis to them. We are whatever is standing in the way of whatever they want. These people have to be defeated.” -Rush

Bernie Sanders and the Politics of Envy | Afterburner

Must. See.  Yeah, I’m bossy like that, lol, but this is a great, informative, video. :)

Bill Whittle spoke to a progressive audience of high school students, and took several Bernie Sanders questions. Hear what he told those millennials.

Source: Bernie Sanders and the Politics of Envy | Afterburner

Di Leo: Donald Trump and the American Primary Process – Illinois Review

Too full of great information not to share! 

All rights reserved by PoliticalNess

And yet… despite the rules being in place for years… we see some candidates and their supporters, on both right and left, screaming that the rules are unfair. 

Why unfair?  Because they’re unexpectedly losing at the rules that they accepted when they began, by entering the race in the first place.

The American Primary Process

Perhaps what America needs is a review.  A short, simple review of what the presidential primary process – and in fact, the entire primary process – is for.

Let’s begin with a couple of points:

Di Leo: Donald Trump and the American Primary Process – Illinois Review


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