Palin Political Cartoons

Let’s just kick things off with a bit of humor, shall we?  My friend Ben emailed these to me, so I don’t know the original sources. 



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7 thoughts on “Palin Political Cartoons”

  1. Nice layout! Would have posted earlier but just got our power back. 80+ mile an hour winds here in Columbus. Still no power in most of the area!

    I think it’s money in the bank that she will be our first woman president. I just have NO doubt about it. Love her. Shoots from the hip and doesn’t give a darn about what people say. She reminds me of a female Ronald Reagan and thats a huge compliment. I want to add his face to Mt. Rushmore!



  2. Ben – Wow! A friend of our in IN posted pictures of trees downed by the wind near her home, but I hadn’t heard anything about OH. Glad you’re okay!!

    I think she’ll be the first lady prez too, even if we lose this election. I said the same thing about being reminded of Reagan! Then I read something by Michael Reagan saying the same thing! Did you catch that campaign a few years ago, “Add Ron to the Rock!” ?? I so wish we would – he was the best President of the 20th century, IMO.


  3. And while my comment is awaiting mod, I will say this: McCain better be Palin’s bitch, because she certainly knows more than he does about just about everything!


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