Don’t Disagree with a Liberal!

This is how Conservatives get treated.  We’re not allowed to express any opinion that differs from the Liberal one.  Can you imagine what would happen if Conservatives treated Liberals this way?  Apparently, a double standard is okay, as long as it’s the Liberal double standard. 

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8 thoughts on “Don’t Disagree with a Liberal!”

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I’m a liberal who proudly voted for Bush and will eagerly do the same for McCain/Palin. I also live in New York and can vouch for the plague of intolerant liberals who are more akin to communist thugs than the open-minded free thinkers they claim to be.


  2. Bouncy – Welcome. 🙂 Yes, it does make me feel better.

    I’m curious though, do you think that Conservatives aren’t free thinkers? How do you define the difference between Liberals and Conservatives, and why do you define yourself as a Liberal?


  3. This is just my opinion. I think there’s plenty of conservatives are free thinkers. It has nothing to do with political affiliation, but the ability to step outside oneself and weigh thoughts and ideas that might be outside one’s comfort zone with fairness and common sense.

    My personal opinion on the difference between conservatives and liberals is that one looks towards tradition and known methods to approach problems, while the other has a less conventional approach.

    I’m more of an old school liberal that favors minimal government and individual freedoms. I’m against things like socialized medicine, affirmative action (just another form of racism), and the combination of religion and governance.


  4. Bouncy – You sound pretty conservative to me – minimal government and more individual freedoms. I mean, that’s how I define myself and I’m a Conservative. Perhaps we’re both more middle of the road than we realize. 🙂


  5. Well, there’s a notable conflict with old school and new school liberals. New school is deep into the communist end of the spectrum, and making the old schoolers look conservative. Either way, no matter what one’s party is, I think its safe to say that no one wants the government to intrude on their personal lives. It is comforting to have this in common, and you’re onto something- we’re all not that different from each other.


  6. Bouncy – No, I suspect we’re not all that different. 🙂

    The Communist angle scares me though – what you call the new school Liberal. Why are so many people seemingly in agreement with it? Do they even realize where the roots of their ideals come from? Somehow, I suspect not, and that they’ll only realize it if someone like Obama gets into power.


  7. It scares me too!

    I wish I knew for certain what’s causing the mass ignorance. It may have something to do with the generation gap, and that we’ve had a long stretch of peace between the Vietnam War and The Gulf War. The Government has done such a wonderful job protecting us on our home soil, and the younger generations haven’t had the misfortune of growing up during wartime. While wartime can be very stressful, and we naturally wish to protect our loved ones from it, it can also be a much needed learning experience- a crash course in reality so to speak. It’s a hard lesson that we’re not living in a utopian fantasy where enemies make an appointment for crumpets and tea, shake hands and agree to put differences aside. It also illustrates the blinding contrast between democratic and non-democratic governments. Without this exposure the younger generations naturally believe that idealism is reality. Their entire life is all about coasting through a sea of good intentions. The desire to help others is genuine, but another side effect of being so sheltered from reality is a frightening sense of entitlement. Help others and they should help you! But what does this mean? The instant an idealist hits rough times, they aren’t equipped to deal with reality. Instead of relying on their own problem solving skills they turn to the force that has always sheltered them: the government. They become highly vulnerable to communist ideals, and they don’t see it as communism but as a way of making the government help its citizens. High school education on economics and the forms of government never spring to mind because these people are following their guts and not their minds. One might never realize they’re skirting communism unless the fact is pointed out by someone they trust. Only then do they step back and say “Oh my! Whatever was I thinking!”.


  8. Instead of relying on their own problem solving skills they turn to the force that has always sheltered them: the government.

    Very true! I’m also thinking of radicals like Ayers et al. I believe they have an agenda – like the Chicago Annenberg Project – to radicalize students instead of educating them. It baffles me how people like that can think Communism is successful, when it’s been proven time and again that it’s not.


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