“I was voting Obama until …”


Dear Craig Ferguson

I am writing this letter to you because you lost me, and I want to tell you why.  I hope that one day when you’re “Googling” yourself, you’ll come across this and understand.

I started watching you a few years ago, and I admired how you stepped out of your comedian role to lament the events of September 11th.  I thought it was a gutsy move, and still do. 

However, during this election, your first as an American citizen, despite your promise to “make fun of both sides equally,” you’ve done nothing of the sort.  I tried to take it in stride while you criticized and made fun of my choice for President.  That’s what comedians do, right?  Make fun of politicians?  But you never made any jokes about Obama.  Now, I invited you into my home, night after night, and a little respect would have been nice.  And I would have tolerated the pokes at my candidate if you’d made just as many pokes at your own.  Such was not the case.

You lost me completely though when you made the accusations of “mudslinging” against my candidates.  You were referring to the references that Sarah Palin had made about Obama’s connections to Bill Ayers.  “It was 40 years ago!  It doesn’t matter today!  Obama was 8 years old!” you cried.  That offended me, Craig, for a few reasons.

First of all, it’s not “mudslinging” when it’s truth.  And here’s why Obama’s association with Ayers matters. 

Imagine if you will, the year is 2040, and we’re coming up on another Presidential election, and one of the candidates is close friends and associates with an Al-Qaeda terrorist who was involved in the horror of 9/11.  Let’s say said friend has never apologized for the lives he took that day, expresses regret that he didn’t kill more Americans, wished he could have done more for his cause, that 3,000 dead Americans wasn’t enough to get his point across.  But the candidate defends that relationship by stating that September 11th happened when he was just 8 years old.  It was 40 years ago, for goodness sake! 

Will it matter then, Craig?  Will friends and associates of the potential President matter?  Should we start putting 9/11 on the back page of history, along with the ones who caused it?  Should we just forget then? 

Obama wasn’t 8 when Ayers stated on, ironically, 9-11-2001 that he wished he could have bombed more.  It wasn’t 40 years ago when Ayers said he was a Marxist and a “small c communist.”  Ayers killed people, and tried to kill more by trying to bomb Fort Dix, only the bombing failed and killed other Weathermen Underground terrorists instead.  Ayers hates America – today.  THAT’S why it matters, Craig.  Obama is friends today, with someone who hates America today, and you want to put this guy in the White House, as the leader of our nation, when he can’t even choose friends who love the country he wants to run??  He only has friends/mentors who express anti-American sentiment.  Guilt by association? Or known by the company he keeps? 

Both Ayers and bin Laden bombed the Pentagon.  Think they just might have anything in common?  Do you want the leader of America to be friends with anyone like that? 

It matters, Craig. 

That baby needs a bottle!

“If your paper won’t endorse me then you can’t report from my campaign anymore!” *pout*

Guess who!!  Your candidate for “change” and hope.”  He’s having a hissy fit, awww.  Now, if he’s acting this way during an election, what do you think he’ll do with Presidential power behind his tantrums?  Kind of like letting a baby play with a shotgun.

So, now the reporters don’t think he’s being “fair”?  Uh, haven’t we been saying that all along?

Obama Plane Pitches Reporters From McCain-Endorsing Papers

Dear Mr. Obama

Is your job in jeopardy too?

I was browsing through some videos over on Yahoo, and saw this one about jobs and the economy.  As I was watching, I noticed that the states losing job are mostly blue states, while the states gaining jobs are red states.  Think about it.

American jobs in jeopardy

Closing Arguments

Closing Arguments against Obama.  A thought provoking and informative read.  Please take the time to do so. 

Taxpayers for Obama


(h/t RWN)