Climate change?

I don’t believe in AGW.  Or, in regular people-speak, man-made global warming.  Are there changes in our climate?  Sure.  Is it something we can do anything about?  No.  You can’t make summer less hot or winter less cold, you just cope with it as best you can.  Every scientist out there will tell you there’s a difference between climate and weather, and I’ll grant them that’s true.  But you can’t have climate without weather.  At the same time, weathermen can’t predict the weather into next week, yet scientists think they can predict the climate into the next century?  Frankly, that’s just laughable.  If that were true, they would have predicted the astonishing drop in the global temperature this past year.  Instead they just try to cover their butts and claim that cooling is just a phase of warming.  Would you believe a car salesman if he told you the heater on your car that blasted out temperatures under 60° was really just a phase of the heater and was just getting colder before it got warmer?  No, you’d tell him to fix the heater or you weren’t buying the car.  Be honest now.  Heat is hot and cold is cold, and one is not a “phase” of the other.  Think about it people! 

Is there something going on with the climate?  Probably.  It’s call the sun.  You may have heard of it.  Closest star to earth?  Big round yellow thing in the sky?  Source of earth’s energy?  It has way more impact on our climate and our weather than human beings every could.  It’s 93 million miles away and makes us hot!  What can we make hot from 93 million miles away?  Nothing. 

And really, if climate change were all that serious, Al Gore would be practicing what he preaches.  But he’s not.  So, what’s good for him is NOT good for you.  He likes his big huge energy consuming house, running the A/C on his huge gas-guzzling limo full blast, jetting around all over the country and the world.  Guess what his “carbon footprint” is?  MUCH higher than yours, I guarantee it.  And if global warming was really the serious threat he likes to claim it is, he’d be putting his money where his mouth is.  The fact that he’s not should be a HUGE clue for you.  He wants to put YOUR money where his mouth is, and people, we shouldn’t let anyone do that. 

Below are some links which have helped solidify my opinion on this.  I hope you’re interested in taking a look. 

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Obama, ACORN, and Crisis

The following is an extremely eye-opening and informative article about Obama and ACORN. 

Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis

Obamaized Illinois

We here in Illinois have had to live with Obama as our Senator for a while now.  We now have one of the highest tax rates, and one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.  I didn’t need that kind of change, and frankly, neither do you, or anyone else. 

Here’s some informative articles on the kind of job Obama’s done for IL – the kind of job he wants to do for YOU.  He wants to bring Chicago Machine Politics to the White House.  Scared?  You should be.

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