Conservative – NOT!

Recently I came across a wonderful article about Conservatives.  There are a lot of misconceptions out there about us, and it was refreshing to see someone write about that, and define and debunk those beliefs that are typically attributed to us.  To read the article in full, please read: What Conservatism Isn’t

  • Conservatives don’t dislike minorities: 
  • Conservatives don’t want women kept barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen:
  • Conservatives aren’t anti-science: 
  • "Conservative" and "Republican" aren’t necessarily the same thing:
  • Conservatives aren’t theocrats:
  • Conservatives rig the elections:
  • Conservatives don’t want to pollute the environment: 
  • Conservatives aren’t in the pocket of the rich:

2 thoughts on “Conservative – NOT!”

  1. I agree with all those points Ness, however, there is a flaw in the article.

    There is a difference between Old School Conservatism and modern conservatism.


  2. Frank – There’s also a difference between old school Libs and modern ones too. Are you saying that you think the points don’t apply to either old school Cons or modern ones?

    I think Cons, in the past, have been blamed for a lot of things that aren’t true, just as they are now. Do you disagree with that? I’m not sure I’m following what your point is.


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