The Politics of Obama

It really is important, people, what Obama believes, who he associates with, what his politics are.  Most of America considers itself Conservative on some level or other, yet everything the media portrays is that the politics of Obama don’t really matter, he’s “The One,” the “messiah” (according to Farakhan) that everyone’s been waiting for.  I’ve seen the videos of children singing his praises, the youths pledging their allegiance to him, the celebrities that adore him, the media that can’t get enough of him. 

He’s not Jesus.  He’d just as soon sell you down the river, like he did his own brother, or throw you under the bus, as he did with his own “pastor.”  This man has no loyalty to you, he doesn’t care about you.  Obama cares only about Obama.  He’s never done anything for this country, nor even for his own district when he was in state politics in Illinois.  All he’s ever done is campaign for himself.  He’s never done, nor will he ever do, anything for you.  Obama’s about greased palms and kickbacks.  He couldn’t care less about “the people.”  You’re only a means to his end.  Each political gain is just a stepping stone to the next one.  That’s why he started campaigning for President within a few days of getting to DC as a Senator.  Obama is like one of those charming charismatic guys who ends up a few years later under arrest for domestic violence.  He’s so nice, so smooth!  He says ALL the right things, at just the right moment, to whoever he’s talking to.  He says what he thinks you want to hear.  But when the doors are closed, he laughs at you, mocks you, calls you an idiot, stupid.  He believes you’re stupid because he knows you bought his bullshit.  You bought his lies. 

Sure, I’ll be sick if Obama wins this election – or any future ones.  The small comfort I’ll have is knowing that it won’t be long until I have lots of company, because you’ll be sick too.

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