No Change in Obama’s Illinois

It’s not a secret that I have my own issues with Chicago, and while searching for other blogs to read on that topic, I stumbled across this one.  I love this guy.  He’d probably hate the posts I have going on my regular blog, but the things he says about Obama and Chicago are dead on.  And he knows because he lives near Obama’s district from when he was in IL politics.  Ray knows his stuff, and he tells it like it is.

Chicago politics are a joke.  A very sick, corrupt joke, and a vote for Obama is to put that same sickness and corruption in the White House. 



from Chicagoans Against Obama by Ray

Honestly…where are the left-wing peace activists?….

Why don’t they care about the tragic violence that is occurring on the streets of Chicago…

Is trying to save Chicago not as cool as saving Darfur?

Are minorities being slain in Chicago, less important than those being slain in the Middle East?

The fact is…..Chicago’s murder rate is far out-pacing the number of US casualties in Iraq…

As of October 24th… Chicago has had 426 murders this year…..Iraq has seen 280 American casualties over the same period of time…(By comparison….New York..a city with 6 million more residents…has had 417…and LA…with about a million more people…has had 302…)

At this point…calling Obama inexperienced, naive, arrogant, insecure, socialist, liberal, al…is RACIST….

As is mentioning his relationships/friendships/associations with Rashid Khalidi, Bill Ayers, Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Wright, Father Pfleger, and ACORN….

But…I can guarantee you one thing……one thing that is not racist to discuss, or point out….the brutal, and too often ignored violence of minorities on Chicago’s South and West side…

Brutal violence that occurred in the 13th district which Obama once oversaw as a State Senator…..and Brutal violence that Obama continues to ignore, and not discuss, as he knows it will not help his campaign narrative/lie of change……

Barack Obama did not change anything here in Chicago….violence, corruption, religious zealotry, drug abuse, and political malpractice have been common place in Chicago for 77 years……and still are today..

A strong unique leader…..a true change agent…would have spoken out against the vast ills of this city….

Unfortunately…a strong unique leader…Barack Obama is not…..

But, he is a pretty good sales guy…