Obama’s Political Geneology

Great post over on American Thinker, exploring the political and ideological roots that have made Obama what he is today.  It matters where he’s come from, what made him, what his goals are.  He fancies himself a leader, ready to be in charge of the greatest nation in the world, of YOU.  Of your paycheck.  Of your health.  Of your children.  Of your freedom.  Are you really considering handing your liberties over to just any nameless schmoe off the street, because he tells you to?  Wouldn’t you want to know a lot more about him before you actually trusted him?

Dreams from Frank Marshall Davis

To what degree are Obama’s comments on the economy and taxes influenced by the communist-socialist ideas of Davis? No doubt, the question is fair, given that we only know of the Obama-Davis relationship because of Barack Obama himself, who opened the door in his memoirs. I could never have written this piece if Obama hadn’t acknowledged Davis. Obama was mentored by Davis in his late teens, before heading off to college, where, as Obama wrote in Dreams From My Father, he hung out with the “Marxist professors” and attended “socialist conferences.”