The Real COLB??

Okay, this just came through my Reader.  I saw it posted on Audacity Of Hypocrisy.  I’d appreciate your thoughts on this.  I mean, we all know Obama’s spent close to $2M to keep this under wraps, and while I’ve contacted the blog owner, I’ve yet to get a response as to where they came by it. 




One thought on “The Real COLB??”

  1. I think that was provided by Dr. Orly Taitz a couple months ago. I’ll give you a link here to one of her websites.
    and the Obama File gives in depth information about how Obama’s Hawaiian birth records are most likely false.
    Ms. Taitz has so much stuff and is so involved that it was ‘torquing my gourd’. (though I believe she’s right) I visit her stuff only occasionally.

    I knew she was looking for it, and trying to get the originals unsealed, but I wasn’t aware she already had it. If this is real, it’s a major wow.


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