Birthplace of Obama!

Kenya’s calling everyone who says Obama was born in Hawaii all liars!


h/t Moonbattery


3 thoughts on “Birthplace of Obama!”

  1. WHERE did you find this?

    Hi TMJ!

    Actually, I found it on Moonbattery. Isn’t it great? TONS of great stuff over there, I think you will love it. Awesome information, witty articles, and fun cartoon type stuff too. 🙂


  2. The plot thickens.
    Heck, I’ve got relatives of relatives who are US citizens – I could be next prez. 😀

    There you go! 😀


  3. Yeah, but is it a spoof??

    I have no answer to that – you could do a search, I’m sure, and find out. Don’t use Snopes though – run by a husband/wife couple who are HUGE Obama supporters.

    I can tell you I have seen newspaper articles – printed up here in Chicago when Obama became a Senator here – where Kenya was praising their home-boy for winning a Senate seat. “Kenyan born Obama wins Illinois Senate seat!” So, IMO, the Welcome to Kenya sign is probably true.


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