AZ Lawmakers Want Presidential Candidates to Verify Citizenship


Nearly half of the Arizona Legislature wants to force President Barack Obama to show his birth certificate to state officials if he runs for re-election.

Ariz. Lawmakers Want Presidential Candidates to Verify Citizenship


So many people have claimed that Obama has shown his birth certificate.  If that were true, then this legislature wouldn’t have to make the demand that he show it.  It would be a moot point.  So, is the entire AZ legislature “on the fringe”? 


4 thoughts on “AZ Lawmakers Want Presidential Candidates to Verify Citizenship”

  1. This definitely will prove interesting. Will Obama not send his application or will we finally see a real birth certificate? I don’t know what the big deal is. If he is a natural born citizen, he should have no problem producing the document. Obama’s his own worse enemy.

    I think that’s the biggest question – if he has nothing to hide, why has he spent nearly $2 million hiding it?
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  2. The bill applies to any presidential candidate. It turns out that no president and virtually no presidential candidates EXCEPT FOR OBAMA have shown their birth certificates.

    Obama has. So obviously the bill is aimed at all the presidents and presidential candidates who did not show their birth certificates, such as Clinton and Reagan and JFK and Eisenhower and FDR.

    Obama will have no difficulty in meeting the requirements of this bill. He was born in Hawaii, as his official birth certificate of Hawaii shows, and the facts on it were confirmed by the two top officials of the Department of Health of Hawaii, who are members of a Republican governor’s administration.

    The problem with the bill is that there are about two million adopted children who do not have access to their birth certificates and so cannot prove that they were born in the USA, and several hundred thousand birth certificates were lose in the floods in New Orleans and other cities in the Gulf area.

    Sorry Ann, you are wrong. Obama has never shown his birth certificate. He has spent nearly $2 million to date keeping it out of the public eye and in fact has had nearly all his personal records sealed. In fact, the Chicago press here made a big deal when he became a Senator that he was a Kenyan born Senator.

    The “facts” on his birth certificate were not “confirmed” as you also tried stating on Steve’s blog. They only affirmed that they’d seen it, not what it said. And even if he was born in HI, it’s a moot point as his father was a British citizen and passed that on to him, making him – at best – a dual citizen and thus ineligible.

    I know you don’t like to learn that everything you’ve been told is wrong and a lie, but accepting the truth can be quite freeing.


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