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Monster Hunter Nation

So after my election day blog post, I received this comment. I started typing a response, but it got really big so I just made it a new post. I got this from Bob:

Mr. Correia,

I do get tired of this. I want you to know something. I’m a liberal, I’m a union guy, I’m a non-gun owner who believes in gun rights (but I love knives and edged weapons), and I’m a huge fan of your books. I have every one both in print and on Audible. Both the Monster Hunter books and the Grimnoir Chronicles books. I found Hard Magic on Audible, and sounded interesting. I drive a lot, so I love the audible stuff. I liked it so much I tried out MHI, even though it didn’t sound like my normal interest. I loved them.

I got Spellbound in hardback first, because it wasn’t available on…

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