Setting Up

Yes, I know I’ve had this blog for a few years now, but it’s been used under my other username and it’s always been sort of a sub thing, not a primary thing.

But recently I’ve decided to put the other username into a less dominant role.  Also, I’ve wanted to disconnect my political views from my other blogs because, let’s face it, a lot of people aren’t interested in or are offended by someone else’s political views.  Also, with a husband who’s trying to make his author name more high profile, having a wife who publically vents her political spleen isn’t always desired.  Readers might be offended by the opinions of the author’s wife, don’t you know.  So, the less connected I am in that way, the better. 

Plus, separating gives me a little more freedom, I think.  I hope.  I tend to be more reserved in publically expressing my views but I’d like not to be.  I’m pretty passionate about political things and have quite strong opinions. 

So, onward and upward, to the red state and beyond!

Ness ~


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