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100%!  Woo!  😀

You can take the quiz yourself here: The News IQ Quiz

Find out how much you know about “the news.” 

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  1. 12 of 13 here. I missed the foreign country. 😦


  2. Sorry I never come around Miss Ness.
    I have carpal tunnel pretty bad. Hard enough to type on my own blog 😦


    • Oh MJ, don’t you worry about that! I barely have enough time to even post on my own blog as well! What with homeschooling and trying to keep up with the chores, I feel like those are already a couple of full time jobs! LOL I know how carpal tunnel is – had that while I was expecting my last baby – you take care of those wrists and maybe look into the speech software that comes on Windows, or even Dragon Naturally Speaking, to give your poor hands a break.

      *hugs* You take care of you!


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