Headlines and Gun Laws

This was the headline:

Chicago homicides drop to lowest level since 1965

the city’s Police Department said Wednesday that in 2013 the city recorded the fewest killings since 1965 and saw its overall crime rate fall to level not seen since 1972.

and this was the note I made on it:

Wait for it …
must have been an overturn in the gun ban laws … .

A few days later I saw this article:

Chicago gun sale ban unconstitutional, judge rules

In that article I found this paragraph:

In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Chicago’s long-standing gun ban. And last year, Illinois legislators were forced by a federal appeals court to adopt a law allowing residents to carry concealed weapons in Illinois, the only state that still banned the practice. The resulting state law largely stripped city and officials of surrounding Cook County of their authority to regulate guns, which especially irked officials in Chicago, where residents had to apply for concealed-carry permits through the police chief.

So let’s see.  The first article stated:

The year (2013) did not start promisingly, with more than 40 homicides recorded in January, […] But the rate slowed considerably after that, and by the end of the year the city had recorded 415 homicides, 88 fewer than in 2012 and 20 fewer than in 2011.

When you link in this part from the 2nd article:

last year, Illinois legislators were forced by a federal appeals court to adopt a law allowing residents to carry concealed weapons in Illinois

and put 2 and 2 together, well you can start to see the pattern, can’t you?  It is clear what happened last year that caused the homicide rate to slow considerably.

Ever since I’ve been following Dr John Lott I’ve seen this pattern repeated all over the place.  I saw it after the gun law battle in Washington DC, and I’ve been watching it here in Chicago.  It is a verifiable, undeniable fact that when people are allowed to carry guns, crime goes down. 

There is no need for “dialogue” on this anymore, no need to “have a conversation” about this anymore.  The facts are in, the time for talking is done.  The 2nd Amendment works, it always has, and now it’s for the government to sit down, shut up, and let the people arm themselves. 

Even the Detroit police chief realizes that now.

Detroit police chief James Craig says more citizens should be armed

Oh, and for the record, as long as people are going to send their children off to public schools, it ought to be standard practice that all teachers are armed and certified in gun/target training.  Anyone that you entrust your children to ought to be able to protect them.

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