Third party voters should think real hard about their choice to not vote for Trump

Cry and Howl

Okay, I’ve been going over a lot of things in my mind the past several days. We’re what … 10 days or so from the general election? We have third party folks who say they would rather have an absolute moron (Gary Johnson) occupy the White House than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. There are those who claim Mr. Johnson will overturn Roe v Wade, and shut down the IRS and that he has a chance of winning the election, thus breaking up the two party monopoly, or something like that.

Now these folks claim that Hillary is a crook. They’re correct there. They also claim that Trump would be a tyrant if elected. (not sure what they mean, but whatever…) I hate to break it them, but Gary Johnson cannot win or overturn Roe v Wade or shut down the IRS. Gary Johnson would have to become…

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