The “H” in Hollywood is for Hypocrisy…

The “H” in Hollywood is for Hypocrisy…:

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7 thoughts on “The “H” in Hollywood is for Hypocrisy…”

        1. Certainly they have been for like the last 30-40 years. There used to a be a time when Hollywood had stars who fought in WWII and held to a more conservative stand on things – at least as far as they wanted the public to know, because they knew how the public was. Now they seemed lost in their own little bubble and think they reflect reality, when in truth, they distort it or preach.

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          1. Not sure, but I think the shift started happening in the 1970’s. I think they were probably always a bit weird (fodder for tabloids, right?) but started expressing it openly on the screen with certain flicks in the 1970’s.

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            1. Exactly. The ratings guide thing changed in 1968 I think (like if a movie should be rated R, for instance) and ever since then, things seem to have become more and more hostile toward conservative people.

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              1. Agreed. I am a Free Speech advocate, but the process of opening up taboo topics did not really liberate people. Only when the Internet became prevalent did the views of the many come to the forefront. That is why Trump could beat Clinton. We were able, finally, to band together! (Despite the efforts of Lamestream Media….)

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