Starbuck’s new flavor…

Starbuck’s new flavor…:

TRUE STORY: I was in college, working in the cafeteria alongside a foreign student from some Middle-Eastern country. We were serving food during a somewhat slow dinner time. As the students came in, they told use what they wanted and the foreign student, named Basit, and I would take the food, put it in the plate and hand it to them. Basit was in charge of the entrée, which was a breaded chicken breast. We had on those see-through plastic gloves, and Basit would handle the piece of chicken to place it in the plate, then hand the plate to the student.

During a slow time, when no students were arriving, Basit sneezed…into his hands.

I waited…then finally said, “uh, Basit, you need to change your gloves.”

He looked at me with a confused expression, “Why?”

“Because you just sneezed into your hands.”


“That means your hands are now covered with snot.”


“…and you’re handling the food.”


“Just change your gloves.”

He shrugged, as if annoyed by silly American traditions, and changed his gloves.

Needless to say, I never ate in the cafeteria again.

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