‘Large Burly Man’ Caught in Disney Ladies’ Room


It’s all fun and games until there’s a burly guy in your bathroom peering through that one-inch gap in the stalls when you’ve got your panties around your ankles. What we all said would happen has happened, and at Disneyland no less. When the transgendered came out swinging for the right to use whatever bathroom they want to, some of us said this is not a good idea. And our reasons weren’t that we don’t want men who live as women to feel comfortable or safe but because we knew (those of us who were born women and live with the very real threat of male violence every day) that predators would take advantage of this new “anything goes” policy and waltz into our safe spaces to violate us and no one would be able to do anything about it.

And now it’s happened.

‘Large Burly Man’ Caught in Disney Ladies’ Room

Sounds like a war against women, to me, because no one seems to care about how the women feel about having men in their restrooms.  Just sayin’. 

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