Bookworm Beat 5/17/17 — the slow motion assassination of Donald Trump

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Bookworm Beat 5/17/17 — the slow motion assassination of Donald Trump:


A look at the bad (the media’s slow motion assassination attempt) and the good (which is that your vote for Trump was a good thing and he’s doing fine).

My post title blatantly copies Scott Adams’ post today — The Slow-Motion Assassination of President Trump” target=”_blank”>The Slow-Motion Assassination of President Donald Trump. Adams pulls no punches. After making the point that there is nothing impeachable about the President saying he “hopes” his friend is cleared, Adams explains the slow motion assassination that’s taking place before our eyes:

Watch the headlines and pundits today transmogrify “hope” into “asked to end the Flynn investigation.”

That isn’t news.

That is an assassination.

I also think we are seeing with the recent leaks the first phase of Mutually Assured Destruction of our government. The leaks will destroy Trump if they continue. But if that happens, no Democrat and no anti-Trump Republican will ever be able to govern in the future. Payback is guaranteed. The next President to sit in the White House will be leaked to the point of ineffectiveness. And that’s how the Republic dies.

Adams actually things the digital revolution which pave the way from our Constitutional representative democracy into some sort of electronic direct democracy. I’m not so sanguine. I see chaos, followed by a dictatorship (because that’s invariably what ends chaos), followed by . . . well, I don’t actually know, but it’s not good.

I don’t want to talk long-term now, though. This post is dedicated to a series of quick links examining the current state of our politics, the slow motion assassination that Adams identified, and the reasons that you’re not crazy to have voted for Trump and to continue to support him. Indeed, if you pull back from the obsessive media behavior and the puppet-like responses in D.C. to media malice, you’ll see that things really aren’t that bad.


I never thought I’d go all conspiracy theory but, honestly, there is something very bad going on between the Deep State (which includes the CIA) and the media, especially the WaPo. Sometimes it’s the crazy people who, unfettered by polite preconceptions, are attuned to what’s really going on.

There’s a slow motion assassination in play. We need to stop it and we do so, in part, by focusing strongly on actual facts and moral truth.

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