BUSTED: Liberal Lawmakers Caught Lying to Fund Planned Genocide! [VIDEO]

BUSTED: Liberal Lawmakers Caught Lying to Fund Planned Genocide! [VIDEO]:

Planned Parenthood’s political mouthpieces often tout the organization’s virtually nonexistent services, like prenatal care, to justify the half a billion taxpayer dollars annually that is funneled to the abortion corporation. However, as previous Live Action investigations have shown, what the organization’s PR machine claims and what it actually offers to women in need are often two very different things.

A newly released Live Action video compares two things: what politicians say when selling the ‘virtues’ of Planned Parenthood to their constituents and colleagues, and what women actually hear when they call or visit Planned Parenthood.

The video features a variety of pro-abortion politicians, who support and endorse Planned Parenthood, touting the organization’s prenatal care services as a reason to fund Planned Parenthood year after year.

The truth these politicians fail to state is that while federal taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood doubled in the span of ten years — from $272.7 million in 2004 to $553.7 million in 2014 — health services like prenatal care and cancer screenings declined sharply.

Live Action previously documented that prenatal care is virtually nonexistent at Planned Parenthood. In fact, 92 out of 97 locations called by Live Action investigators turned away pregnant women who wanted to keep their babies.

In 2015, Rep. Ron Wyden came to the House floor and insisted that “prenatal services” would be “gone” if Congress defunded Planned Parenthood — as if women can’t get prenatal services from other healthcare providers. What Wyden needs to know is that despite receiving half a billion taxpayer dollars annually, prenatal care is virtually gone from the organization already.

Rep. Joe Kennedy must have also missed that memo when he touted prenatal care services at Planned Parenthood that same year. And in 2017, Kennedy listed breast exams (another dwindling service at Planned Parenthood) to justify funding the organization.

In 2011, Senator Patty Murray claimed that Planned Parenthood not only provides prenatal services but also mammograms to make her funding case to Congress (emphasis added):

Planned Parenthood is about providing federal funds for care like mammograms and cervical cancer screenings and prenatal care and family support and counseling.

That same year, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand echoed Murray’s sentiments and touted the same two services as a reason to defend forcing the American taxpayer to fund Planned Parenthood.

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