Trump sued for blocking Twitter users

Trump sued for blocking Twitter users | TheHill

President Trump is getting sued for blocking dissenting Twitter users by a First Amendment group, which alleges his actions violate the Constitution.

I saw this blurb as I was going through news to read and had to roll my eyes.  How did this ridiculous thing ever get this far?

NO ONE has a “constitutional right” to Twitter.

NO person’s ability to tweet, blog, write an op-ed, make a YouTube video, or make their opinion known in any way has been blocked.

NO ONE’S right to free speech has been blocked.

NO personal Twitter account is a public forum.

NO ONE has been blocked from being able to read the account in question. (on Twitter, just log out to see the public tweets of someone who’s blocked you)

Just because you have a right to free speech does NOT mean you have the right to FORCE someone to listen to you. 

I say case closed.

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