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Antifa Applauds Speech of Hitler Quotes

Kinda funny, but not, at the same time.  There is video.  ~Ness

But most importantly, the Left has always identified fascism as capitalism taken to some extreme.

Which is insane. Mussolini was a Leftist. Fascism was a variation of socialism that still required totalitarian central control of the economy. Fascism is a leftist ideology. Free markets and limited government power and “life, liberty, and property” don’t mesh too well with fascism.

But so-called “anti-fascists” don’t comprehend that, so they label everything they dislike as fascist, and they are literally textbook fascists. Watch them reenact the Brown Shirts’ greatest hits by burning buildings every time someone disagrees with them.

Antifa Applauds Speech of Hitler Quotes

Did Obamacare Really Save Lives?

Did Obamacare Really Save Lives?:

American-Healthcare-Choices-Sign-ObamaCa (Natural News) One of the popular objections to the GOP proposals to reform health insurance markets is that the Affordable Care Act (aka “ObamaCare”) saved thousands of lives per year, and hence that tinkering with ObamaCare will literally kill lots of people. For example, Hillary Clinton tweeted out: “Forget death panels. If Republicans pass this bill, they’re…

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The Problem With Illegal Immigration | WannaLOL

Seriously, click the link and check out the whole thing.  Gives a GREAT example of why illegal immigration is a problem.  ~Ness

The Problem With Illegal Immigration | WannaLOL


Trump sued for blocking Twitter users

Trump sued for blocking Twitter users | TheHill

President Trump is getting sued for blocking dissenting Twitter users by a First Amendment group, which alleges his actions violate the Constitution.

I saw this blurb as I was going through news to read and had to roll my eyes.  How did this ridiculous thing ever get this far?

NO ONE has a “constitutional right” to Twitter.

NO person’s ability to tweet, blog, write an op-ed, make a YouTube video, or make their opinion known in any way has been blocked.

NO ONE’S right to free speech has been blocked.

NO personal Twitter account is a public forum.

NO ONE has been blocked from being able to read the account in question. (on Twitter, just log out to see the public tweets of someone who’s blocked you)

Just because you have a right to free speech does NOT mean you have the right to FORCE someone to listen to you. 

I say case closed.

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Head of the global climate change cult, Al Gore, says “God” told him to fight global warming

Egotistical justification for your “faith,” Mr Gore?  Do you think of yourself as God’s prophet for your climate change agenda?  Or is this just to dupe the unwitting masses into buying into your hoax?  ~Ness

Head of the global climate change cult, Al Gore, says “God” told him to fight global warming:

al-gore-global-warming-e1457553146330-16 (Natural News) Al Gore has been at the forefront of the globalist climate change movement for quite some time now, and it seems his delusions of grandeur are only getting worse as the years go by. Recently, Gore made the outlandish claim that God actually intended for him and his followers to fight climate change….

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