So Lift Your Voice

My friend Angie likes to post music sometimes on her blog, “Family Life is More.”  Some time ago, we were talking about favorite songs, and I mentioned that some of the hymns I grew up with could move me to tears, and she asked if there was anything new that could do that.  There really weren’t any, as most of the songs at our church were still pretty new to me and none had found that “spot” in my heart yet.

Well, there’s one song that now has.  My husband started playing it one day and it just overwhelmed me with it’s power. 

Then, I caught this video that shows a bunch of our Marines singing it at a worship service, and you know how I love our Marines!  (and Air Force, Navy, Army, and Coast Guard, too!  *salute!*)  Oohrah!

There is so much win in this for me!  I hope you find it to be that way for you, too.  Smile  Enjoy!

U.S. Marines chant: ‘There’s no God like Jehovah!’


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The Cry and Howl Top Conservative Blog Award | Cry and Howl

Look what my friend Steve did for me!  Isn’t this awesome? 

Go, hurry, and check out his blog right now, and the other great sites he awarded!  He’s got an amazing sidebar.  🙂


The Cry and Howl Top Conservative Blog Award | Cry and Howl.

Thank you, my friend.  *hugs*

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I side with …

Well that’s a big “duh.”  The big question is, what the heck were the “green party” and “socialist” answers?! 

After a while, I guess I quit clicking the “how important to you is this issue” buttons.  Heck, most of them are important on some level, right?  But quizzes are fun anyway.  🙂

Here, if you want to take the quiz:

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Happy Birthday Steve!

I would like to take a moment to wish my friend Steve a Happy Birthday.  He’s a great guy who’s passionate about America.  Visiting his blog is always a breath of fresh air for me.  He doesn’t pull any punches, but he’s always respectful, and that’s hard to find these days.  Steve’s a class act all the way around and I’m proud and honored to call him my friend.

I hope you’re having a great day, my friend!  Happy Birthday!  *hugs*




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News Quiz

100%!  Woo!  😀

You can take the quiz yourself here: The News IQ Quiz

Find out how much you know about “the news.” 

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Joe Perry talks firearms

Aerosmith leader Joe Perry talks ‘Sons of Guns,’ classic firearms, defending the Second Amendment

Perry – who recently referred to himself as a “definite old-school Republican” – also noted that he would like to see some “continuity” in terms of gun laws from state to state.

“It seems ridiculous that you can be in one state with your driver’s license and buy a firearm, and then in the next state it is totally illegal,” he continued. “There are real problems to that, but as soon as you bring up the subject and say ‘gun control’ it sets a red flag. It is definitely a difficult issue, and the bottom line is the Constitution is what it is, and I stand by everything that is in it. Right now, some of the statistics show that some of the safest places in the country are places where law-abiding citizens are allowed to have firearms, and the crime rates are low.”

Click the link up top for the rest of the article.

joe perry gun 2.JPG

As a big Aerosmith and Joe Perry fan, I love reading stories like this.  I learned Joe was a Republican a few years ago, but I didn’t know about the gun stuff.  Only adds to the coolness, in my book.  🙂


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GOP Celebrities

I love finding celebrities who lean my way politically.  I get enough of the “in-your-face” type who are the complete opposite of me ideologically, so when I find those who are more like me, it’s refreshing. 

Recently I came across this list in my browsing and thought I’d share it with you.  Some I knew about – Condoleezza Rice, for instance, but others were kind of a surprise. 


15 Black Celebrities Who Are Republican Or Who Are Affiliated With The GOP


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