The Trouble With Trump

Trump is pretty popular around the Right, right now.  I don’t know why.  One of my dearest friends is a big fan, and for the life of me, I don’t get it.  Now, it’s not going to stop me from loving my friend just because we have differing viewpoints of a candidate.  I don’t have to agree with people on every blessed thing to love them or be their friend.  Commonality would be great, but it doesn’t always happen, and that’s okay.  That’s why God made chocolate and vanilla, right?  Smile

Perhaps you, dear Reader, are a Trump supporter, too.  Please know my intent here isn’t to offend anyone, just to explain why I can’t support Trump.  You may love him, I get that; but I don’t, and here’s why.

[no, no, let me tell you how I really feel]

He flip-flops on everything, including immigration.  He has no consistency.  He bullies people, he lies, he’s too egotistical, he has tantrums and blames everyone and anyone else when he doesn’t get his way. 

Those are not not NOT the hallmarks of a strong leader. 

Those are the hallmarks of a toddler. 

(Gosh, he reminds me  of Obama when I write that.)

Speaking of Obama, it’s very troubling to me to see the same kinds of response to Trump that Obama got.  The adulation, the “he’s going to save us!” mentality, the attacks on others if they don’t also adore him, etc.  Frankly, I am kind of amazed that the ones who so decried that kind of treatment of Obama don’t seem to see it pertaining to Trump.  Even the media kisses his ass, because he brings in ratings.  He’s so vitriolic they never know what he’s going to do next to keep things stirred up, and they love that.  If he does manage to get the Republican nomination though, they’ll eat him alive, because he’s not fully a Liberal – I mean, in pretty much everything but name, but the Party matters to them, and he’d be running against the anointed [whoever gets the Democratic nomination].  At that point, they’d finally get around to vetting him, you can be sure. 

Trump has never displayed any Conservative values, or behavioral history of consistency in regards to Conservative values.  Just because he says something today doesn’t mean he’ll agree with his own damn self tomorrow. 

I thought you wanted someone who wasn’t like Obama?

I thought you wanted someone Conservative?

I thought you wanted someone with a proven track record?

Trumps only track record is that of inconsistency. 

Everyone wants to claim he’s such a great businessman, but I wonder, how great a businessman would he be if he hadn’t inherited it?  And maybe it’s just me, but a few bankruptcies don’t make for that great a businessman.

He’s supported Hillary Clinton, and other Democrats.

Yes, I confess, I’m a little passionate about this, and I’ve been holding it in for a while. 

Okay!  A lot passionate!  *sigh* 

I suppose I should be allowed to express my thoughts on my own blog, right?

There was another time when the Republican Party was pretty fractured.  Back when the one who was supposed to carry on the Reagan Torch didn’t do the job he was elected to do and threw that Torch away.  “Read my lips, no new taxes!” he vowed, then proceed to break that vow, in spades. 

During that election cycle, along came a billionaire businessman, who promised that he could run the country like a business and make our economy great again.  He appealed to the capitalist heart and soul of America, which, in and of itself is a beautiful thing – that capitalist soul.  People are way more generous to others when they have jobs and feel wealthy. But I digress.

This businessman was very divisive.  He made a lot of Republicans mad at other Republicans.  It became a matter of were we going to continue embracing the “no-new-taxes liar” or were we going to embrace the “non-political businessman”?  He made all kinds of accusations against the Republicans, but none really against the Democrat Party platform.  He shifted the focus, you see, into a specific issue.   A very divisive issue, and that split the Republican vote, and Bill Clinton became President with 60% of the country voting against him. 

Sound familiar? 

It feels very much like “here we go again,” even down to the other candidate being a Clinton.  Talk about history repeating itself!

Do you really think I could support anyone who’s supported the Clintons?! 

Or Rangel, or Reid?  Yikes! 

A president needs to be about more than a single issue.   A president is supposed to be about leading the nation.  A President should express why his ideals, his party’s ideals, are better than the opposition’s.  A President ought to have some idea of what he wants to do to bring those ideals into actuality, and how he plans to do it.

Trump, in my opinion, is mostly about Trump, and not about America.  Trump doesn’t have any consistent ideals, at least, not any that aren’t about him.  Sure, Trump is great – just ask him, he’ll tell you!

How can I put this?  Trump is too busy, personally (and childishly) attacking other Republicans, and not any Democrat positions on any issues.  If he were really running for President, and not a popularity contest, he wouldn’t be attacking the other people in his currently-claimed party.  The real opponent in a political contest is the other party – that’s what you go after, not the ones on your own team. 

Trump isn’t talking about Republican Things.  And he has never, ever, apparently, supported Conservative candidates or causes.  He’s more “establishment Republican” than the Establishment Republicans that the grassroots claim to be against!  He’s not even a little Conservative.  He’s not Conservative at all, on any level.

Even he can’t tell the difference between himself and a socialist!  MSNBC Anchor Asks Donald Trump A Trick Question, Watch How He Answers It – Patriot Update  Doesn’t that tell you anything?!

And that’s basically why I can’t support Trump.

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Falcon’s Reader Fare

Left-liberal economists gravitate to silly beliefs. In the arena of silliness, Stiglitz does not disappoint. The economist pushes three fallacies in only four sentences.

via American Thinker Blog: The Spreading of Economic Fallacy.

Here’s why the whole “1%” Vanity Fair article was a bunch of hogwash.

The giving impulse of charity must start within us

via Bookworm Room » Wrongly conflating socialism with generosity.

Socialism isn’t generosity, and it isn’t compassion.  It is the opposite of those things, it is the height of selfishness and greed.

But the real deception is more subtle. […]  That is, those of us earning more than $50,000 pay over 97 percent of all income taxes!

via American Thinker Blog: CNN lies with statistics — again.

A progressive tax is not fair.  The real and honest fairness would be for everyone to pay the same percentage in taxes, if we can’t get rid of the unconstitutional income tax.

How did we get here? By the efforts of people who feel an intense terror down to the marrow of their bones at the slightest suggestion of the formula all thinking men and women know to be unalterably true:

via House of Eratosthenes.

Seriously, just click it and read the whole thing.  There is wisdom in “the House”!

Maher: Democrats Didn’t Use Any Violent Rhetoric Towards Republicans During Budget Battle

via John Lott’s Website: Democrats supposedly never Demonized Republicans During Budget Battle.

There they go again!  Lying about their lies!

I never thought that Obama was a nice guy when I knew him at the University of Chicago Law School. Possibly other Americans are beginning to see the same person that I knew. Some points:

via John Lott’s Website: The mean Obama.

A word from someone who actually knows him.

One of the things that turned me against the Left (which is the political environment in which I was born and raised) was cognitive dissonance. I was no longer able to accept assertions that so radically contradicted facts known to me from my own experience. In other words, I figured out that my political party was lying to me, and I found that unforgivable.

via Bookworm Room » Who can you trust? Or how one Leftist may be breaking free of the Goebbels’ school of Leftist lying.

Another amazingly insightful post from Bookworm.

Falcon’s Reader Fare



The table below uses the administration’s 2012 fiscal budget, calculates its major components as a percentage of total receipts (i.e., revenue), and applies those percentages to the median household income in the U.S. in 2008 ($50,303) to derive a roughly comparable household-level financial snapshot.

via American Thinker Blog: The Feds’ Financial Statements in Perspective.

Unless you’d run your own finances this way, you should be steaming at how the government runs our collective finances.

I mean the dude (Michael Moore) does talk about capitalism and money an awful lot. He must know something about it, since he’s a great big fat rich capitalist guy & all.

via House of Eratosthenes.

A must-see video!

What if our progressive tax system were applied to nights out at the bar?

via Moonbattery: Our Tax System Applied to Beer.

Like to go out for drinks with your friends?  Imagine if you applied our tax system to that.

Which country has the most progressive — i.e., parasitical, socialistic, and grotesquely unfair — tax system in the industrialized world?

via Moonbattery: The World’s Most Unfair Tax System.

Just guess! 

Uh… hold on a minute. Something seems wrong with these numbers. Do I understand this correctly; all those coastal cities and towns that were leveled, the tens of thousands of cars and homes that were pulverized, all the stores, shops, factories, warehouses, schools, freeways, roads, ships, aircraft, trains, port facilities and infrastructure reduced to rubble and it will only cost as much as US Federal deficit for a couple of months?

via American Thinker Blog: How big is the federal budget disaster?.

A little perspective is a good thing.
John Lott’s Website: States that rely on taxing "the rich" face very variable revenue. It’s just like the night out for drinks with your friends.

Mrs. Thatcher nailed it  – eventually you run out of other people’s money. 

John Lott’s Website: How have gas prices changed over time?. A great and eye-opening chart.

The USA has enough recoverable coal to last for centuries. Yet our rulers want to force us to rely on absurd windmills, which uncoincidentally were cutting edge technology in the age of serfdom.

via Moonbattery: America Leads the World in Untapped Fossil Fuel Reserves.

We have it! 

According to the Congressional Research Service, which nation has the largest energy reserves of all?

via American Thinker Blog: The energy superpower.


We have the largest coal reserves in the world, and those reserves will last at least 200 years (probably much longer), yet Obama has publicly stated he wants to “bankrupt” anyone who deigns to utilize this plentiful domestic resource. Think about that. Glover next discusses natural gas which, when combined with its cousin, methane hydrates, is likely America’s most abundant energy resource:

via America Has More Recoverable Fossil Fuel Resources Than Any Other Country.

One mo’ ag’in boss!

What this means is that payroll taxpayers have no right to Social Security benefits whatsoever; they are owed nothing; they have no contractual rights, no ownership — and no recourse should Congress end the program.

via American Thinker Blog: NY Times columnist wrong: Congress Can End Social Security Whenever They Choose.

In other words, the taxpayer – that would be YOU – have NO right to YOUR money.  Got that?  Social Security is one great big SCAM.



Saps like vegans and governmental health food nuts should be urged (with scientific evidence to back it up) to either join us for a bacon cheeseburger or get out of our faces.

via Good News Of The Day | Black & Right.

Turns out a low fat diet really is bad for you.  BAD!

This letter-to-the-editor actually appeared

in a major San Francisco newspaper…

via Reaganite Republican: SHAME ON YOU, Hunters!.

Just rolling on the floor funny!   Click for the laughs, you need them!

The viewer can decide whether this ad — which NBC and CNN refused to air — is for or against abortion:

via Moonbattery: Roe v. Wade Survivor.

To kill or not to kill, hmmm.  Would  YOU have aborted Obama?  Think about this this now.

How do know you haven’t?

Abortionists in this country are actively burying risk research just as tobacco companies did many decades ago. There are now literally piles of genuine medical research which show what most would deem dire elevated risks from abortion — not just to the baby killed in the procedure — but to the woman and also to the future siblings of the aborted baby.

via American Thinker: The Coverup of Abortion’s Real Risks.

It’s not so “risk-free” as you’ve been led to believe. 

And that’s not even counting the 100% fatality rate for the babies.

I wonder … did anyone ever ask the babies what their choice was?

Shhh. I am about to say is something so radical that it will jangle every politically correct nerve in your body. And yet…it is true. The founding and traditional culture of the United States, its Judeo-Christian heritage and boots-on-the-ground decency is superior to all other cultures this world has produced.

via American Thinker: Shhhh: Judeo-Christian Culture Is Actually…Superior.

For a reason.

The crisis of the American male is a "major demographic event" where, as Erick Erikson explained, young men between childhood and adulthood experience unprecedented "role confusion, emotional turmoil and identity conflict."

via American Thinker: The Crisis of Modern Male Immaturity.

What women and the “feminist movement” have done to men.

These kids are steeped in political correctness. Lord knows, they’ve had tons of diversity education, safe sex talks, say no to drugs, global warming awareness, and Identity politics. But at home and at school, no one seems to be willing to provide moral standards.

via Bookworm Room » Pregnant girls, by guest blogger Lulu.

A very interesting commentary. 

We passed that point in many respects years ago. And now, according to this new study, women have actually pulled ahead on some areas.

via American Thinker Blog: Male-female wage gap closing.

This pendulum has swung.
Seraphic Secret: BIG Day Today. Yes, apartheid is still going on today.  Wanna see where?  Click the link and go to the pictures on the bottom.  You can’t miss them. 

Google’s destruction of property rights is across the board. It is good that they are getting some scrutiny here.

via John Lott’s Website: Google to be on hot seat for helping people steal property rights.

I’m not happy with Google lately.  Here’s just one more reason why. 
Let’s see if they redirect all the searches for this blog too.   🙄



Everyone knows lesson #4 is true…except our healthcare system and the massive bureaucracy that supports it, actually feeds off of it. The incentives are perverse: the system encourages exactly what we do not want. The system pays for "performance" but not for positive outcomes. We reward people (insurance companies) for not giving care. The way the system "saves" actually costs more money and our lives.

via American Thinker: House Calls Are Cheaper Than Hospital Beds.

There is a better way.  One that doesn’t involve statism or higher taxes.



So whenever Obama claims he "inherited" the massive debt the Obama led Democrat controlled Congress created, it should be noted that Obama voted for every spending bill sent to Bush after 2006 and signed every spending bill after 2008. Facts are almost as stubborn as the 4 years of Obama led policies that got us into this mess. Had enough?

via American Thinker Blog: Waiting for Obama to assume his Presidency.

Did you catch that?  Obama voted for all the spending when he was a Senator, then complained about all the spending when he became president!  Yet another example of Obama’s hypocrisy and how he misleads people.  He talks out of both sides of his mouth. 

Falcon’s Reader Fare 3-23-11

Just some thoughts on what’s going on in the blogosphere.

There is an injustice going on in America. Millions of children in government schools are suffering under mediocre teachers and sub-standard facilities. The more these government schools fail, the more the government throws taxpayer money at them. All the while preventing millions of parents from being able to send their children to a good private school of their choice, because they’ve already been forced to subsidize government run education.

via American Thinker Blog: Save Education, Privatize Government Schools.

For the children.  Really.  They deserve better than the current educational system we’ve given them, and the teachers we’ve forced on them.

Beginning to get an idea why I don’t subscribe to Newsweek? We just finished half a dozen paragraphs. And only now do we find out, the entire point of the article, the entire premise that has sent it ricocheting around cyberspace like a jitterbug in a jar…there’s nothing to it.

via House of Eratosthenes.

Are we really as dumb as Newsweek likes to say we are?  Dumber than our European cousins?

In a word, no.

Hypocrite Of The Day | Black & Right. Who’s the biggest one we know right now?  Guess!

Obama stated that the president would not have the constitutional authority to bomb Iran without first seeking authorization from Congress

via John Lott’s Website: "Obama: ‘President Does Not Have Power Under Constitution to Unilaterally Authorize a Military Attack’".

Words ≠ deeds.

He publicly mocked “drill, baby, drill” when it came to American oil and energy independence…

via Quote Of The Day | Black & Right.

So much for supporting American jobs.

Let’s see now, methinks there are a few dots out there just begging for someone to connect them:

via American Thinker Blog: Anyone Want to Connect the Petro-Dots?.

This is a must read. 

While Obama spends our money helping Brazil develop its oil industry, here’s what he’s doing to ours:


Are there still people who believe that — unlike the people he’s always chosen to surround himself with — Obama means America well?

via Moonbattery: Casualties Mount From Obama’s War on Oil Industry.

Can you in all honesty, still say he has America’s best interests at heart?

I don’t think you can. 

If you’re honest.

But I see the same thing with other liberals: If it challenges their dogma, they don’t want to know. They understand that bubbles only work if no one pokes them with a sharp object, and facts are the ultimate sharp object. (Or, as John Adams more eloquently said, “facts are stubborn things.”) They’re not going to let anything near them that might puncture their tidy ideological bubble.

via Bookworm Room » Liberals play ostrich with facts they don’t like, and American discourse suffers.

Reality really is so much nicer than living in the bubble. 

Get real, man! 

Google continues to ignore property rights

via John Lott’s Website: Judge says that Google goes too far in ignoring copyright protection.

First, do no evil! 
Oh wait.  Well if it benefits us, then it’s okay.  Because it’s us and we’re Google and we can do whatever we want, including redefining evil!

It’s hard to say what is more irritating about the "Violence is never the answer" nonsense, the stupidity or the insincerity of it. It’s much like the mantra "Our strength lies in our diversity." It’s something people say because it’s a repeated big lie that has become "truth" and is politically correct; it’s a reflexive platitude uttered politician-like because that’s what "experts" are expected to say


The reality is that, like amputation and many other unpleasant things, physical force has its place.  After all, violence is not the best way to settle differences.  Sometimes, however, it is the only way to prevent them from being settled for you.

via American Thinker: Yes, Violence Can be the Answer.

Sometimes, yes, you have to fight back. 

That’s just life.

Live it.

Falcon’s Reader Fare–Weekend 3-6-2001


Our forefathers bequeathed to us a healthy republic making the American Dream attainable. Without fundamental change, we will leave to our progeny a nightmare of debt and foreign ownership of our productive assets. We owe our children more, and we also owe our parents because they protected our liberty and our lives. Now that we’re responsible, we can do nothing less.

via American Thinker: How Do We Check Runaway National Power?.

We have been irresponsible.  It’s time to cowboy up and start doing what we need to do so our children and grandchild can have a great future.  Fire the teachers!  End the Teacher’s Unions!  Do it for the children!

Take back control of our government!  Liberalism has to be stopped – it has failed every time it’s been tried.  Quit repeating the failure!

I would argue that most public school teachers don’t even deserve minimum wage, for the obvious reason that they can’t do their jobs. Fire them all, tear down the system, and replace it with a technological spin on homeschooling for those parents who can’t homeschool. I guarantee the results would not merely be superior, but vastly superior.

via Vox Popoli: It’s because you collectively suck.

Tear down the system and start over!  Exactly!  The system is broken and needs to be fixed.

See Dr Lott’s post below.

The series of ‘inadvertent errors’, deliberate obstruction, political shenanigans, behind the scenes manipulation of the money markets and non-stop calls for immediate infusions of taxpayer cash brought the U.S. to its knees by February 2009. And continues to this day.

The newly issued Pentagon report, along with the media and our elected officials, seem intent on not connecting the dots, considering only foreign enemies as the possible cause of the financial meltdown:

This author believes there is enough information to at least consider that this crisis was manufactured for political gain. Right here at home.

via American Thinker: Was the Economic Crisis Manufactured?.

I have a greater fear of the enemy within, the one who smiles while planning to stab me in the back.

The great lie in the program is the myth of the Social Security "trust fund." The politicians tell us this fund is set aside and protected, but the reality is otherwise. In fact the funds are merely "invested" in government bonds and allow the government to increase their deficit spending without borrowing from independent investors. This is a key point. When the government borrows from individuals and other governments, there is a proper accounting. Each investor knows what they are owed. But as contributors to Social Security, we have no such explicit account balance.

via American Thinker: The Entitlement Lie: A Conservative Reform of Social Security.

Why should the government be the one to plan out your retirement life?  Don’t you know better how to plan your life?  When has government done anything exceedingly well?  Don’t you deserve better?

Incredibly, Obama continues to boldly go where no other president has gone before. Apparently, none of the rules apply to him. Without consequence, at will, Obama ignores laws and the Constitution to implement his progressive/socialist agenda.

via American Thinker: To Save America, We Must Dethrone King Obama.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – he hopes to be the king, a dictator, one who can ignore the rules at will, and then make up new ones as he goes along. 

The US sure spends a lot on education per student.

But it is pretty hard to see much of a return from that money.

via John Lott’s Website: So the US spends more per student in K-12 than any other OECD country, but they.

We are NOT getting our money’s worth out of the teacher’s unions. 

Think about this – I’ve heard Polish jokes all my life.  Guess what?  Poland outscores us in reading, math, and science; and spends about a third of what we do, too.  Everyone who has ever made a joke about Poles being stupid is going to have to eat their own words now.  Hope you like ‘em!   Looks like we’re the stupid ones now! 

Is there any substantial reason to be offered why every sixth grade class should not spare the nine minutes to view this from beginning to end?

via House of Eratosthenes.

A great video!  Check it out!

Falcon’s Reader Fare 3-4-2011


after an extended temper tantrum in Madison, Democrats never seem to mind wasting taxpayer dollars while demanding more for themselves

via Wisconsin Protestors Cause $7.5 Million in Damages | Conservatives4Palin.

Don’t worry.  I’m sure the children will pay for it. 

It’s all about them, you know. 

For 48 days and nights, the Deepwater Horizon well spewed oil into the Gulf of Mexico, when it could have been shut down. We now know this:

via American Thinker Blog: Gulf Oil Spill Could Have Been Stopped 48 days Earlier.

So what was the point of letting it spew so long?  Vilification of the oil industry, perhaps?

To deny the Snyder’s, my new Marine family, that right to mourn peacefully is a disgrace and dishonor to all Americans.

via American Thinker: The Death of Common Decency.

Here’s the thing.  Does the loathsome Westboro have the right to protest?  Sure they do.  But the family of a dead soldier also has a right to conduct the funeral of their loved one in peace. 

And Westboro’s rights END where the family’s BEGIN. 

To protest at a funeral is indeed a despicable and revolting thing to do.  Dare I say it, it is also unChristian.

A fact which is probably lost on members of Westboro. 

Falcon’s Reader Fare 3-3-2011


There’s always the chance that Egypt’s future government will be an improvement over Mubarak. But at this point it doesn’t seem likely.

via Moonbattery: Egyptian Army Opens Fire on Christians.

Killing Christians is a good way to start off that “freedom” thing, right?

Dear Mr President:

I read today that you have ordered your cabinet to cut a whopping $100 million from the $3.5 trillion federal budget!

I’m so impressed by this sacrifice that I have decided to do the same thing with my personal budget…

via Reaganite Republican: Open Letter to Barack Obama….

Fantastic letter!  Something we all can do to support the president!
(yes, that was sarcasm)

Can the sort of people who are running our monstrously power-hungry government be trusted to use this technology in good faith? Hardly:

via Moonbattery: DHS Rolls Out Portable DNA Scanners.

“Skin cells, PLEASE!”  (said in my best German accent)

As Ace says, we can no longer pretend that these “racist teabagger” smears are ginned up by liberal political operatives and reporters, “and that our post-racial president has nothing, nothing at all to do with them.”

via Report: Obama Smashed the Tea Party Through a Plate-Glass Window : The Other McCain.

The buck stops with someone, usually the person at the top. 

Entitlements can only be killed off when the political class honestly proclaims the truth that you will always be better off saving your own money for your retirement and for your own health care.

American Thinker: The Social Security Trap.

The Ponzi scheme must come to an end!  We are better off taking care of ourselves than expecting government to do it.

However, once I snapped out of my leftist trance, I realized something startling: I was outraged about all of the wrong things. In fact, leftist outrage is derived not from our Higher Selves, but from another place entirely: the lowly self.

This explains why the left can be so apoplectic one minute, and then strangely silent the next.

via American Thinker: If You’re Not Outraged, You’re Not Paying Attention.

Another brilliant and revealing piece from Robin of Berkeley. 

Imagine that: the senior adviser to President of the United States named “Iranian of the Day”. No red flags here….

via Food-For-Thought Of The Day | Black & Right.

Iranian of the Day.  I  had no idea!  Were you aware of this?  I guess we shouldn’t be surprised at the Kenyan of the Day’s choice of advisors, should we?  Birds of a feather.

Wisconsin commie and Islamic Rage Boy:

via Moonbattery: Separated at Birth?.

Scary and funny at the same time!

I guess the fact that the gunman was heard shouting “Allah Akbar” while killing our servicemembers is over the head of our president.

via Bonehead Of The Day | Black & Right.

Over his head.  Indeed!

Not surprisingly, it looks like Google claim for "open access" is a sham. Google apparently got the FCC to force Verizon to accept rules that prevent it from letting Apple products use their 4G network. Google is using government regulations to harm its competitors.

via John Lott’s Website: Did government regulation prevent the iPad2 from using 4G networks?.

“First, do no evil.”
Unless you’re Google, and then you can do whatever you want and get away with it because you’re Google and you can do evil if you feel like it because, what are they gonna do?  Stop you?  You’re Google!  And you own everyone!

Except for Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

But they own everyone else!