Recent Events in AZ

I just have to say this whole thing is heartbreaking.

For some reason, the media seems to be playing this up far more than they have other equally murderous events, such as the Ft Hood shootings last year. 

What’s sickening is all the political rhetoric flying around.  Those poor people who were killed were still lying in the street waiting for help when the liberal tweets started going out that somehow Sarah Palin and the Tea Party were somehow responsible. 

That is almost as insane as the killer is.

The kid who pulled the trigger is clearly not sane.  Politics clearly had nothing to do with his actions. 

And there’s a period at the end of that.

My condolences go out to the victim’s loved ones who are trying to cope with their grief and sorrow, and to the survivors who are trying to recover in the aftermath. 

Silence is necessary for healing and recovery and grieving.

Lastly, I have to say that there is nothing Baptist or Christian about Westboro Baptist Church.  Shame on you, Fred Phelps!  Shame on all of you.