Recently, in one of my e-newsletters from Limbaugh, he made an interesting statement:

“I’m not aware of Democrats expressing regret or sorrow or sadness over the fact that Republicans aren’t winning elections.  In fact, it’s just the opposite. Yet two Democratic senators in two days have openly, publicly fretted over the fact that Republicans will not win the White House ever again if they don’t agree with Democrats on an issue like immigration.” -Rush

Really?  Let’s see what happens to Republicans who DO support amnesty and agree with Democrats on an issue like immigration:

CHQ GOP Presidential Straw Poll: Rubio Support Dropping Like A Stone

    By CHQ Staff | 6/20/13

Back in January and February, Marco Rubio stood at the top of the heap among prospective 2016 Republican presidential contenders.

Today? Not so much.

In the recently released Ipsos – Reuters poll, for example, Rubio has lost one third of the support he had earlier this spring and is now not even in the top three in the latest poll Ipsos conducted for Reuters. Marco now registers below Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and Jeb Bush.

CHQ GOP Presidential Straw Poll: Rubio Support Dropping Like A Stone |

It’s clear that Republicans who DO support amnesty will absolutely NOT ever win the White House.  Genuine conservatives tend to not support cheating.  That’s why election fraud is pretty much a liberal thing.  Amnesty is a cheat.  It’s a cheat for people who intentionally broke the law.  There is a legal means of becoming a US citizen (is that really what they want, though?) and illegals didn’t come here through the legal channels provided. 

You can either purchase a product, or steal a product, and you ought to know by now that stealing is wrong.  Illegal aliens are stealing.  They are stealing things they aren’t entitled to, benefits that rightly belong to US citizens. 

Amnesty is a reward for cheating, and no conservative is good with that. 

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Top 10 reasons to blame Democrats for soaring gasoline prices

Energy prices will go up again.  Sharply, if Obama has anything to say about it, and, he does now!  Congratulations.  With his plan to bankrupt the coal industry, undo President Bush’s lifting of the ban on offshore drilling, and Lord only knows what else, it won’t be long until you’re paying more to heat your home in the winter than you are for your mortgage. 

Don’t forget, OPEC’s not happy with the drop in prices either, and is planning ways to get that barrel price back in the 3-digit range.  A president on our side, doing all he could to keep prices low might have been nice. 

Top 10 reasons to blame Democrats for soaring gasoline prices

Bob Parks on Racism

I’ve been following Bob Parks over at Black & Right for a while now, and I love what this man has to say.  I wish I lived in MA so I could vote for him.  Here’s an excerpt from one of his articles, and I strongly recommend you hop over to read it in its entirety.  Why America Will Be Racist On 11/4

“What the Reuters story leaves out is the deliberate revision of history perpetrated by Democrats to their present day political advantage. Blacks proudly (and inaccurately) link Republicans to the Ku Klux Klan, and many of the ugly chapters of our history where they were oppressed and terrorized legally.

I say deliberately, and again provide as proof the Democrat Party’s own website that conveniently omits almost 100 years of their complicity in murderous racism in America. They, to this day, claim to be the champion of civil rights, repeating this lie to children in schools and black activists, while they lie to an entire people about their history.”

Dem lies Dem lies Dem BIG lies!

In their own words, Democrats kept saying, "Nothing’s wrong!"