Baby’s First Haircut

Well, she IS my baby, and it IS her first haircut. 

She’s been after me for a couple of weeks now to cut it, and I promised her that I would on the next “haircut night.” 



Yes, I saved it.  Yes, mama cried a little. 

But she loves it and that’s what matters. 

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Happy Birthday!

Has it really been a dozen years since this amazing, beautiful boy entered the world?  Right there in the little space we used as an office at the time, he decided to join us. 

I never thought I’d have a son, but then God decided to give me one.  This smart, funny, loving, handsome boy.  Life hasn’t been the same since, and I couldn’t be more thankful

Happy Birthday sweet boy!





Happy Anniversary


To My










I love you with all my heart.



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Birth of a Conservative

Have I told you how smart my boy is?  My mini-Darc?  Surely I have by now!  I know I mentioned his comment about adding unnecessary words in sentences.  Know what he said yesterday?

He was watching some show on TV, a kid show but I don’t know which one.  Anyway, the characters were doing something, a piñata I think.  One of them broke it, and the other characters scattered to grab the prizes.  My son, the capitalist, commented, “Why should the rest of them get anything?  They didn’t do anything to deserve all that stuff.” 

Now, he’s never been to a piñata party so he doesn’t understand how it’s played – one day he will understand so I’m not worried about that.  The thing that pleased me so much was the fact that he grasped the concept of a hand-out and it offended him.  In his mind, the one that broke the piñata should have gotten the prizes because he’d done the work to earn them, and the other characters had no right to just run up and take everything from him.  It offended his sensibilities that others simply took what they hadn’t earned.  For a kid who’s never had to earn much of anything, this amazes me.  The most he’s ever had to earn was a new game for the game system, and he had to earn it by trying new foods, not by cleaning his room or anything like that.  Hopefully, in a dozen years or so this will translate into him not calling home every month from college asking for more money, but simply to say hi.  😉

One of the things that pleases me most about this is that we don’t sit around talking politics all the time in our home for him to pick up on this kind of thing.  It’s just his nature.  😀