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I got this email today.  I get so sick of this place sometimes, for all the corruption and having to pay for the privilege of living in such a corrupted place.  And no, you can’t “just move!”

I’ve known people who think property tax issues don’t apply to renters, and I wanted to address that. 

Whoever owns the property has to pay the property tax, so if you are renting, your landlord has to pay those taxes, and he will just raise your rent to defray those costs and still keep his profit margin.  So property tax issues most certainly do apply to renters, as well. 

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You’ve heard the old saying “Home is where the heart is.”
For many middle-class families in Illinois, however, home is where the hurt is. That’s because Illinois now has the highest property taxes in the nation.
Our median property-tax rate is more than twice the national median rate. We’ve reached a point where some Illinois homeowners pay more in property taxes than they do on their mortgages.
All of this begs the question: Why are property taxes so high?
Because Illinois has more taxing bodies than any other state in the country.
In fact, Illinois has nearly 7,000 of them – that’s 1,800 more than the next-highest state, Texas. Many of these units of local government are overlapping and duplicative. They contribute to Illinois’ growing debt, waste and corruption.
It’s time for this to change.
That’s why we’re leading the charge to consolidate these duplicative layers of government and give homeowners the property-tax relief they deserve.
Will you join us today?

Your gift of $15, $35 or $50 to the Illinois Policy Institute will help Illinois homeowners take back control of our property taxes.
We can’t do it without you.

Kristina Rasmussen
President and Chief Operating Officer

Illinois Policy · 190 S. LaSalle St. · Suite 1500 · Chicago, IL 60603 · USA


Merry Fitzmas!

Saw this over on Backyard Conservative, and it’s just too good not to pass along!


John McHugh of Green Oaks writes (to the tune of "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen"):

Wake up, old Rod Blagojevich, the Feds just rang your bell.
Just step outside … and take a ride … no time for extra gel.
They heard the tape … there’s no mistake …
This state’s half-way to Hell.
Oh, tidings of comfort and joy, save Illinois! Oh, tidings of comfort and joy.

How could you, Rod Blagojevich? This really has me beat.
It wasn’t nice … to put a price …. on that there Senate seat
The way you threatened Wrigley Field
How can the Cubs compete?
Oh, tidings of comfort and joy, save Illinois! Oh, tidings of comfort and joy.

Get real there, Rod Blagojevich, you’re much too smart a man
Remember what this state has done to Otto, George and Dan.
If Durbin doesn’t write a note
You’ll join them in the can.
Oh, tidings of comfort and joy, save Illinois! Oh, tidings of comfort and joy.


Mike Stawarski writes:
The Night Before Fitzmas

‘Twas the night before Fitzmas, all still at Rod’s house
While the Feds vetted transcripts: “That Blago’s a louse”.
A Senate seat’s empty, the temptation is great
To use the advantage and change Blago’s fate.

Rod’s plotting and scheming were thick in the air,
And Patti’s encouragement hung like a dare.
With Rezko convicted and Wyma on tape
Rod sensed a pressure he could not escape.

The dollar signs danced around in their heads,
With visions of firings for those who write ed’s.
And Patti in the kitchen and Rod in the den,
Had begun financial planning for 2010.

More rapid than eagles his ideas they came,
And he cursed and he shouted. His mind was aflame.
“Now, Tribune! Now, Cubbies! Now, Obama and pols!
This seat’s up for sale – for anyone…except moles.

“You’ll put up the money! You’ll pay, then you’ll play!
And meet me on my terms or I’ll snatch it away!”
After ranting and spinning, he twirled through the air.
(He then glanced at Patti, and asked ‘How’s my hair?’)

The Feds through the wire couldn’t believe what they’d heard.
Screwing sick kids for money – that’s just too absurd!
By selling the seat for the highest bid one would pay,
Rod fashioned a political form of e-Bay.

But Fitzgerald was ready – a warrant he swore,
The next morning, a phone call, a knock at the door.
“You’re joking!” Rod opined. “My conscience is clear!
They’ll love me again, from Troy to Kildeer!”

But the cuffs, they clicked soundly, and as he drove out of sight,
Illinoisians, they nodded – the Feds got it right.

(Trib cartoon)

IL politics, at its best!

Illinois politicians!  One in prison, one on the way, and one heading soon to a White House near you!! 

My Reader has been busy today and a majority of the posts coming in have been about the arrest of IL Governor Rod Blagojevich.  Illinoisans were dumb enough to elect this guy twice, but then, they’ve kept Daley in office for nearly 20 years now, along with all the other corrupt officials they keep putting back in office.  I saw an interesting bit of information on another blog today:

This makes for the fourth out of the last seven elected Illinois governors to be indicted since 1960 (Otto Kerner, Dan Walker, George Ryan, and Rod Blagojevich) … since 1972, 28 Chicago alderman have been convicted of crimes. If this number was extrapolated to the US House, it would be as if over 240 congressman had been indicted in the same period.
(The link at the Tribune does not include the last two Chicago alderman to be convicted, Arenda Troutman and "Fast Eddie" Vrdolyak.)

[link from Illinois Gov. Blagojevich, Chief of Staff, Arrested from The New Editor]

My husband made an interesting observation this afternoon.  “The last honest politician from Illinois was originally from Kentucky, and they ended up killing him.”  It certainly feels as though Lincoln was the last decent politician we had.  It just boggles the mind sometimes to think about how bad it is here, and that nothing ever gets done.  Yes, Blago was arrested today, but the only way things are really going to change around here is if the voters of this state decide once and for all to clean house, and vote out every single IL pol we have currently in office, both down in Springfield and Chicago.  Let’s face it, 10m of the 13m IL residents live in and around Chicago, so most of the crap is up here – we just send it down to Springfield.  Now, 2 governors in a row have been arrested.  When are the people of IL going to wake up and smell the corruption here? 

I was going to put in most of the links I’ve had come through my Reader today but decided against it.  You’ve probably seen enough today to fill you to puking about IL politics.  I will however, leave you with the words of John Kass, one of the few conservative columnists at the Chicago Tribune.  He’s worth the read.  Governor has one choice left: Sing?

He didn’t know. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

(h/t Backyard Conservative)

The reality of Obama’s “hope”

There’s an awesome video if you click the link below and go right to the site.  Check out the results of Obama’s “change” and “hope” and “spreading the wealth” on the people who’ve actually lived under his policies directly.


from Chicagoans Against Obama by Ray

Wouldn’t it be nice if NBC, CBS, or ABC went to Barack Obama’s former State Senate district just once…..just one time…it’s only about a 10 minute trip from the lovely miracle mile….where I know Brian Williams, Katie Couric, and Charles Gibson stay…at the Ritz, Peninsula, Park Hyatt, or Four Seasons…quite frequently….

It is interesting that such highly respected journalists…..who claim to care so much about minorities and the impoverished….have never taken a visit to the Democratic nominees former state senate district….

A neighborhood infested with crime, slumlords, religious zealots, drug abuse, gang warfare, and the highest murder rate in the country…

It is a really sad story….a story the American people should know much more about..

Chicago Pol Obama

Ferdinand T. Cat asks:

So if you have any friends who are thinking of voting for Barack Obama, ask them this question: do they want the entire country to look as stupid as the people who live in Illinois?

No Change in Obama’s Illinois

It’s not a secret that I have my own issues with Chicago, and while searching for other blogs to read on that topic, I stumbled across this one.  I love this guy.  He’d probably hate the posts I have going on my regular blog, but the things he says about Obama and Chicago are dead on.  And he knows because he lives near Obama’s district from when he was in IL politics.  Ray knows his stuff, and he tells it like it is.

Chicago politics are a joke.  A very sick, corrupt joke, and a vote for Obama is to put that same sickness and corruption in the White House. 



from Chicagoans Against Obama by Ray

Honestly…where are the left-wing peace activists?….

Why don’t they care about the tragic violence that is occurring on the streets of Chicago…

Is trying to save Chicago not as cool as saving Darfur?

Are minorities being slain in Chicago, less important than those being slain in the Middle East?

The fact is…..Chicago’s murder rate is far out-pacing the number of US casualties in Iraq…

As of October 24th… Chicago has had 426 murders this year…..Iraq has seen 280 American casualties over the same period of time…(By comparison….New York..a city with 6 million more residents…has had 417…and LA…with about a million more people…has had 302…)

At this point…calling Obama inexperienced, naive, arrogant, insecure, socialist, liberal, al…is RACIST….

As is mentioning his relationships/friendships/associations with Rashid Khalidi, Bill Ayers, Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Wright, Father Pfleger, and ACORN….

But…I can guarantee you one thing……one thing that is not racist to discuss, or point out….the brutal, and too often ignored violence of minorities on Chicago’s South and West side…

Brutal violence that occurred in the 13th district which Obama once oversaw as a State Senator…..and Brutal violence that Obama continues to ignore, and not discuss, as he knows it will not help his campaign narrative/lie of change……

Barack Obama did not change anything here in Chicago….violence, corruption, religious zealotry, drug abuse, and political malpractice have been common place in Chicago for 77 years……and still are today..

A strong unique leader…..a true change agent…would have spoken out against the vast ills of this city….

Unfortunately…a strong unique leader…Barack Obama is not…..

But, he is a pretty good sales guy…