Antifa Applauds Speech of Hitler Quotes

Kinda funny, but not, at the same time.  There is video.  ~Ness

But most importantly, the Left has always identified fascism as capitalism taken to some extreme.

Which is insane. Mussolini was a Leftist. Fascism was a variation of socialism that still required totalitarian central control of the economy. Fascism is a leftist ideology. Free markets and limited government power and “life, liberty, and property” don’t mesh too well with fascism.

But so-called “anti-fascists” don’t comprehend that, so they label everything they dislike as fascist, and they are literally textbook fascists. Watch them reenact the Brown Shirts’ greatest hits by burning buildings every time someone disagrees with them.

Antifa Applauds Speech of Hitler Quotes



“The people on the left, they don’t want to reach common ground with us. We are gnats to them, or worse. We are the Gestapo to them. We’re Nazis to them. We are whatever is standing in the way of whatever they want. These people have to be defeated.” -Rush

Rochester Going Rogue Egg-Man Tells His Story Rochester Going Rogue Egg-Man Tells His Story

“We are no longer able to reason together, as they’ve discarded rational thought as a trapping of liberalism.”

So I’m reading about this egg throwing guy in my Reader, and I remember reading about the incident when it happened a few weeks ago.  How he threw eggs at a display of Sarah Palin’s books, and ended up hitting some of the people who were there. 

Now, apparently he’s sent in a letter to the editor of a local paper, and the above quote caught my eye.  Clearly the guy is crazy.  Since when did throwing eggs become a form of “reason”?  Since when did throwing eggs become a form of “rational thought”? 

That kind of behavior is nothing more than a child throwing a tantrum.  Stop claiming to have cornered the market on “reason” and “rational thought.”  Obviously liberals have no idea what that is, and wouldn’t know it if it came up and bit them in the ass.

Who hates Nazis now?




















I saw this in my Reader, and immediately a Bob Parks post from Black & Right sprang to mind. 

My thought was, “Yeah, never stoop to calling your opponents ‘Nazis’ … you mean like THIS?”


When Free Speech Shouldn’t Be (from Black & Right)

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I’m afraid the right wing Republicans are miles behind when it comes to almost eight years worth of presidential-Hitler analogy, and Lisa Derrick knows this as well (I will take it for granted that she has some intelligence). But seeing how Barack Obama has perpetuated most of George W. Bush’s terror and war policies, and has imposed an authoritarian nature to our government that makes his predecessor look like a bush leaguer, I’d be very careful about whining about those Obama-Hitler comparisons.

They may be vile, but they may be closer than Ms. Derrick would want to admit.

Don’t Disagree with a Liberal!

This is how Conservatives get treated.  We’re not allowed to express any opinion that differs from the Liberal one.  Can you imagine what would happen if Conservatives treated Liberals this way?  Apparently, a double standard is okay, as long as it’s the Liberal double standard. 

(h/t A Chicago Blog)