I side with …

Well that’s a big “duh.”  The big question is, what the heck were the “green party” and “socialist” answers?! 

After a while, I guess I quit clicking the “how important to you is this issue” buttons.  Heck, most of them are important on some level, right?  But quizzes are fun anyway.  🙂

Here, if you want to take the quiz: http://www.isidewith.com/political-quiz

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News Quiz

100%!  Woo!  😀

You can take the quiz yourself here: The News IQ Quiz

Find out how much you know about “the news.” 

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News Quiz

Woo!  I got 100%! 

Want to know how well you score?

Take the quiz here: The News IQ Quiz – Pew Research Center




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Civics Quiz

I got almost 85%.  So, that’s like a B+ or B.  I guess that’s okay.  Could be better though!  Time to hit the books!


Here’s the link to the quiz if you wanted to take it yourself: Intercollegiate Studies Institute – Educating for Liberty

Here’s the link to the table noted in the screen capture.  Civic Literacy Report – Additional Finding

My Quiz Results

HA!  In the top 2%!  100% correct!  Woo!  Do I know my current events or what?  :D 



Republicans More Knowledgeable on Many Issues

Republicans, on average, answered one more question correctly than Democrats (5.9 vs. 4.9 correct). These differences are partly a reflection of the demographics of the two groups; Republicans tend to be older, well educated and male, which are characteristics associated with political and economic knowledge. Still, even when these factors are held constant, Republicans do somewhat better than Democrats on the knowledge quiz.