“You look at Ted Cruz, you look at Marco Rubio, and you look at Dr. Ben Carson. You have two Hispanics and an African-American getting 60% of the Republican caucus votes. Over on the Democrat side, two bedraggled, worn-out old white people were the choice. And we sit here, we continue to have to listen to all this garbage that the Republican Party is where you find a lack of diversity and closed-minded bigotry.” -Rush


The Trouble With Trump

Trump is pretty popular around the Right, right now.  I don’t know why.  One of my dearest friends is a big fan, and for the life of me, I don’t get it.  Now, it’s not going to stop me from loving my friend just because we have differing viewpoints of a candidate.  I don’t have to agree with people on every blessed thing to love them or be their friend.  Commonality would be great, but it doesn’t always happen, and that’s okay.  That’s why God made chocolate and vanilla, right?  Smile

Perhaps you, dear Reader, are a Trump supporter, too.  Please know my intent here isn’t to offend anyone, just to explain why I can’t support Trump.  You may love him, I get that; but I don’t, and here’s why.

[no, no, let me tell you how I really feel]

He flip-flops on everything, including immigration.  He has no consistency.  He bullies people, he lies, he’s too egotistical, he has tantrums and blames everyone and anyone else when he doesn’t get his way. 

Those are not not NOT the hallmarks of a strong leader. 

Those are the hallmarks of a toddler. 

(Gosh, he reminds me  of Obama when I write that.)

Speaking of Obama, it’s very troubling to me to see the same kinds of response to Trump that Obama got.  The adulation, the “he’s going to save us!” mentality, the attacks on others if they don’t also adore him, etc.  Frankly, I am kind of amazed that the ones who so decried that kind of treatment of Obama don’t seem to see it pertaining to Trump.  Even the media kisses his ass, because he brings in ratings.  He’s so vitriolic they never know what he’s going to do next to keep things stirred up, and they love that.  If he does manage to get the Republican nomination though, they’ll eat him alive, because he’s not fully a Liberal – I mean, in pretty much everything but name, but the Party matters to them, and he’d be running against the anointed [whoever gets the Democratic nomination].  At that point, they’d finally get around to vetting him, you can be sure. 

Trump has never displayed any Conservative values, or behavioral history of consistency in regards to Conservative values.  Just because he says something today doesn’t mean he’ll agree with his own damn self tomorrow. 

I thought you wanted someone who wasn’t like Obama?

I thought you wanted someone Conservative?

I thought you wanted someone with a proven track record?

Trumps only track record is that of inconsistency. 

Everyone wants to claim he’s such a great businessman, but I wonder, how great a businessman would he be if he hadn’t inherited it?  And maybe it’s just me, but a few bankruptcies don’t make for that great a businessman.

He’s supported Hillary Clinton, and other Democrats.

Yes, I confess, I’m a little passionate about this, and I’ve been holding it in for a while. 

Okay!  A lot passionate!  *sigh* 

I suppose I should be allowed to express my thoughts on my own blog, right?

There was another time when the Republican Party was pretty fractured.  Back when the one who was supposed to carry on the Reagan Torch didn’t do the job he was elected to do and threw that Torch away.  “Read my lips, no new taxes!” he vowed, then proceed to break that vow, in spades. 

During that election cycle, along came a billionaire businessman, who promised that he could run the country like a business and make our economy great again.  He appealed to the capitalist heart and soul of America, which, in and of itself is a beautiful thing – that capitalist soul.  People are way more generous to others when they have jobs and feel wealthy. But I digress.

This businessman was very divisive.  He made a lot of Republicans mad at other Republicans.  It became a matter of were we going to continue embracing the “no-new-taxes liar” or were we going to embrace the “non-political businessman”?  He made all kinds of accusations against the Republicans, but none really against the Democrat Party platform.  He shifted the focus, you see, into a specific issue.   A very divisive issue, and that split the Republican vote, and Bill Clinton became President with 60% of the country voting against him. 

Sound familiar? 

It feels very much like “here we go again,” even down to the other candidate being a Clinton.  Talk about history repeating itself!

Do you really think I could support anyone who’s supported the Clintons?! 

Or Rangel, or Reid?  Yikes! 

A president needs to be about more than a single issue.   A president is supposed to be about leading the nation.  A President should express why his ideals, his party’s ideals, are better than the opposition’s.  A President ought to have some idea of what he wants to do to bring those ideals into actuality, and how he plans to do it.

Trump, in my opinion, is mostly about Trump, and not about America.  Trump doesn’t have any consistent ideals, at least, not any that aren’t about him.  Sure, Trump is great – just ask him, he’ll tell you!

How can I put this?  Trump is too busy, personally (and childishly) attacking other Republicans, and not any Democrat positions on any issues.  If he were really running for President, and not a popularity contest, he wouldn’t be attacking the other people in his currently-claimed party.  The real opponent in a political contest is the other party – that’s what you go after, not the ones on your own team. 

Trump isn’t talking about Republican Things.  And he has never, ever, apparently, supported Conservative candidates or causes.  He’s more “establishment Republican” than the Establishment Republicans that the grassroots claim to be against!  He’s not even a little Conservative.  He’s not Conservative at all, on any level.

Even he can’t tell the difference between himself and a socialist!  MSNBC Anchor Asks Donald Trump A Trick Question, Watch How He Answers It – Patriot Update  Doesn’t that tell you anything?!

And that’s basically why I can’t support Trump.

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Republican Things

From the 2012 GOP Platform – some things that are important to Republicans.

I believe that our:

  • Country is exceptional
  • Constitution should be honored, valued, and upheld
  • Leaders should serve people, not special interests
  • Families and communities should be strong and free from government intrusion
  • Institution of traditional marriage is the foundation of society
  • Government should be smaller, smarter and more efficient
  • Health care decisions should be made by us and our doctors
  • Paychecks should not be wasted on poorly run government programs
  • Military must be strong and prepared to defend our shores
  • Culture should respect and protect life
  • Children should never be left in failing schools
  • Veterans should have the best care and opportunities in the world
  • Social programs should help lift people out of poverty
  • America should be energy independent

These are the things that the Republican candidates should be talking about, and how they compare and contrast to the Democrat Party’s way of doing things.  We should be talking about how we believe our way is better, and why, and demonstrating how these ideals have a proven track record of success.  We should be talking about how the Democrat Party’s way is a way of deficiency, and demonstrating how their ideals have a proven track record of failure. 

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Recently, in one of my e-newsletters from Limbaugh, he made an interesting statement:

“I’m not aware of Democrats expressing regret or sorrow or sadness over the fact that Republicans aren’t winning elections.  In fact, it’s just the opposite. Yet two Democratic senators in two days have openly, publicly fretted over the fact that Republicans will not win the White House ever again if they don’t agree with Democrats on an issue like immigration.” -Rush

Really?  Let’s see what happens to Republicans who DO support amnesty and agree with Democrats on an issue like immigration:

CHQ GOP Presidential Straw Poll: Rubio Support Dropping Like A Stone

    By CHQ Staff | 6/20/13

Back in January and February, Marco Rubio stood at the top of the heap among prospective 2016 Republican presidential contenders.

Today? Not so much.

In the recently released Ipsos – Reuters poll, for example, Rubio has lost one third of the support he had earlier this spring and is now not even in the top three in the latest poll Ipsos conducted for Reuters. Marco now registers below Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and Jeb Bush.

CHQ GOP Presidential Straw Poll: Rubio Support Dropping Like A Stone | ConservativeHQ.com

It’s clear that Republicans who DO support amnesty will absolutely NOT ever win the White House.  Genuine conservatives tend to not support cheating.  That’s why election fraud is pretty much a liberal thing.  Amnesty is a cheat.  It’s a cheat for people who intentionally broke the law.  There is a legal means of becoming a US citizen (is that really what they want, though?) and illegals didn’t come here through the legal channels provided. 

You can either purchase a product, or steal a product, and you ought to know by now that stealing is wrong.  Illegal aliens are stealing.  They are stealing things they aren’t entitled to, benefits that rightly belong to US citizens. 

Amnesty is a reward for cheating, and no conservative is good with that. 

PatriotSig copy

Joe Perry talks firearms

Aerosmith leader Joe Perry talks ‘Sons of Guns,’ classic firearms, defending the Second Amendment

Perry – who recently referred to himself as a “definite old-school Republican” – also noted that he would like to see some “continuity” in terms of gun laws from state to state.

“It seems ridiculous that you can be in one state with your driver’s license and buy a firearm, and then in the next state it is totally illegal,” he continued. “There are real problems to that, but as soon as you bring up the subject and say ‘gun control’ it sets a red flag. It is definitely a difficult issue, and the bottom line is the Constitution is what it is, and I stand by everything that is in it. Right now, some of the statistics show that some of the safest places in the country are places where law-abiding citizens are allowed to have firearms, and the crime rates are low.”

Click the link up top for the rest of the article.

joe perry gun 2.JPG

As a big Aerosmith and Joe Perry fan, I love reading stories like this.  I learned Joe was a Republican a few years ago, but I didn’t know about the gun stuff.  Only adds to the coolness, in my book.  🙂


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GOP Celebrities

I love finding celebrities who lean my way politically.  I get enough of the “in-your-face” type who are the complete opposite of me ideologically, so when I find those who are more like me, it’s refreshing. 

Recently I came across this list in my browsing and thought I’d share it with you.  Some I knew about – Condoleezza Rice, for instance, but others were kind of a surprise. 


15 Black Celebrities Who Are Republican Or Who Are Affiliated With The GOP



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Bob Parks on Racism

I’ve been following Bob Parks over at Black & Right for a while now, and I love what this man has to say.  I wish I lived in MA so I could vote for him.  Here’s an excerpt from one of his articles, and I strongly recommend you hop over to read it in its entirety.  Why America Will Be Racist On 11/4

“What the Reuters story leaves out is the deliberate revision of history perpetrated by Democrats to their present day political advantage. Blacks proudly (and inaccurately) link Republicans to the Ku Klux Klan, and many of the ugly chapters of our history where they were oppressed and terrorized legally.

I say deliberately, and again provide as proof the Democrat Party’s own website that conveniently omits almost 100 years of their complicity in murderous racism in America. They, to this day, claim to be the champion of civil rights, repeating this lie to children in schools and black activists, while they lie to an entire people about their history.”