Bernie Sanders and the Politics of Envy | Afterburner

Must. See.  Yeah, I’m bossy like that, lol, but this is a great, informative, video.  🙂

Bill Whittle spoke to a progressive audience of high school students, and took several Bernie Sanders questions. Hear what he told those millennials.

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So Lift Your Voice

My friend Angie likes to post music sometimes on her blog, “Family Life is More.”  Some time ago, we were talking about favorite songs, and I mentioned that some of the hymns I grew up with could move me to tears, and she asked if there was anything new that could do that.  There really weren’t any, as most of the songs at our church were still pretty new to me and none had found that “spot” in my heart yet.

Well, there’s one song that now has.  My husband started playing it one day and it just overwhelmed me with it’s power. 

Then, I caught this video that shows a bunch of our Marines singing it at a worship service, and you know how I love our Marines!  (and Air Force, Navy, Army, and Coast Guard, too!  *salute!*)  Oohrah!

There is so much win in this for me!  I hope you find it to be that way for you, too.  Smile  Enjoy!

U.S. Marines chant: ‘There’s no God like Jehovah!’


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Reason TV Talks To DNC Conventioneers About “Choice”


Even my kids were stunned at the hypocrisy in this video! Children! Which makes it kind of sad in a way – if even kids understand how unreasonable the explanations are, why can’t these adults?

Here’s how the VodkaPundit described it, quite fittingly!

Stunning, jaw-dropping, belly-laugh-inducing hypocrisy on display at the DNC.

via Vodkapundit » Vile Progs Being Vile.

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Ray Stevens Obama Nation


My dear friend Dave over at SojourningLife asked me to post this for him since he’s unable to post things from work anymore. 

Here you go, my friend!  Smile  Love you!


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Things that make you go, “hmmm.”


Star Spangled Banner

I suppose it’s not a secret how much I love our National Anthem.  And it’s Flag Day today so the National Anthem seems rather appropriate.  Smile 

Anyway, I’m not a fan of singers who shred our Anthem.  They get up there and sing at football or baseball games, and they seem to think it’s all about them and how many extra undulations they can make their vocal chords go through, than how well they can honor the song.  It’s supposed to be about the song, not about them. 

Donna Summer did an awesome version of the National Anthem. 

Huey Lewis and the News did an excellent rendition.

Then I came across these kids in a post on iOwnTheWorld and was blown away by how talented they are.  I wanted to share their amazing vocal harmonizing with you. Smile  I suspect we’ll be hearing more from Daves Highway in the future.  Smile 

Happy Flag Day!

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This was a really touching and inspiring video.  I thought I’d share.  Smile

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