“If a trip to the emergency room would have documented in Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, big deal! They’ve already announced that. Yet they didn’t go to the ER when she collapsed. They didn’t go to the ER because they don’t trust the doctors there. Somebody in there, they think, would talk. Talk about what? If all she’s got is pneumonia, what do they have to talk about? So there’s clearly more than pneumonia.” -Rush


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    1. You know, I caught a picture of her in some news article, and before reading anything I saw her face and wasn’t even sure it was Hillary, she looked so different. Personally I think she’s on some kind of medication that’s causing swelling or something because she looks so bloated.

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    1. No, I didn’t see that! Thanks for the link. ☺

      One has to wonder, if she was so sick, how come she didn’t go to a doctor or hospital? But of course, the sycophantic media would never ask such a relevant question.

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